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On Tue, 2007-04-03 at 14:52 -0700, livinded wrote:
> I'm packaging kdebluetooth and trying to use find_lang to setup the
> locale files that are included. The problem is that there are many
> different files (for each language) that do not follow a specific naming
> scheme and I'm trying to figure out what to pass to find_lang. Can I
> just pass "*"?

Hello there.

I'm currently tying to get kdebluetooth reviewed. (Using Rex' kde-redhat
In general, there's one blocking issue with getting it out - kdepin:
It seems that new(er) versions of bluez-utils no longer supports older
pin-helpers - relaying instead on DBUS notifications and as such,
bluez-utils must be patched in-order to support the old(er) dbus-less
Once I'll get F7T3 running, I'll create a patched version of bluez-utils
- and if it works, submit the patch to the upstream maintainer.

For now, I've uploaded an updated SRPM with a couple of SPEC file
clean-ups. [1]

- Gilboa

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