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On Fri, 2007-03-23 at 15:55 -0600, Orion Poplawski wrote:
> I'd like some advice on how to handle a change to the way python-basemap 
> upstream has changed its packaging.
> Currently we have two SRPMS:
> python-basemap
> python-basemap-data
> The later is a big noarch package containing the data files for 
> python-basemap (low, medium, and high resolution maps).  Since 
> python-basemap does not work without it, it is a requirement.
> Now, upstream has bundled the low and medium resolution maps with the 
> main package, and ships basemap-data-hires with just the high resolution 
> maps.
> Also, there is a very large (14MB) examples directory that is currently 
> shipped with the main package, which I'm going to make into a subpackage.
> So:
> 1) I could put it all under python-basemap, with examples and data-hires 
> subpackages and drop python-basemap-data.  But then we loose the noarch 
> for the data.
> 2) I could rename python-basemap-data python-basemap-data-hires and no 
> longer have it a requirement.  Not sure about upgrade paths though. 
> Should it Obsoletes python-basemap-data so that it gets installed by 
> default so people who have been using the high res maps don't have to 
> all of a sudden install a new package?
> 3) Strip the data (and possibly the examples) out of the tar ball and 
> keep the same packaging (though possibly adding a new noarch examples 
> package).  Don't really like this.
4) For python-basemap, do not strip the data from the tarball but do not
include it in the built rpms.  Use the python-basemap tarball with the
python-basemap-hires tarball to populate the python-basemap-data rpm.
You can also generate the python-basemap-examples noarch rpm from this.
Increases the size of the srpms but keeps the built rpms the same.

It sounds as though you've decided on #2, though.  Your upgrade path
sounds sane although you could also argue for python-basemap obsoletes
python-basemap-data since it now includes sufficient data to function.
You know the specifics better so you're the better judge.


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