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Hi everyone,

I just created a new SIG: Fedora Embedded systems special interest group.

I have been a Fedora user for several years, and the one thing that I
have been missing the most is tools for embedded software development.
Many popular microcontrollers and DPS's such as Atmel AVR and AVR32,
PIC, 8051 and Analog Devices Blackfin are supported by open source
tools, but these have until now been missing from the Fedora

What I want is to see as many of these tools availble in Fedora. Some
packages have already been included, and other have been submitted for
review. A list of submitted packages is available here:

Support for embedded systems development depend on the guidelines for
cross-compilers, and a preliminary for these guidelines is availbe
from this page:

If you think this sounds interesting, and want to help out, check out

Best regards,
Trond Danielsen

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