For your dining pleasure.. i give you experimental packages of usbsink

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Good Alaskan Evening!

I have produced a set of packages and a package review request for
usbsink.  I thought I'd let everyone on the list know about it..
because I think this is actually pretty super keen, and I think a lot
of people might want to try it out and see how well it works.  If a
lot of people find it useful, perhaps it will be useful enough to
think about as an f7 or later desktop 'feature' for a default desktop
install. I make no such claim yet...but I see this
application's..potential.. since its one of the rare applications I
ask my wife about which illicts a response like 'oooooh that would be

-jef"Because my wife has a far better feel for the pulse of mainstream
desktop users than I..she keeps her desktop effects turned on..and I
cringe at the sight of the wasted gpu cycles"spaleta

USBSink is a GNOME program for automatic file synchronization over
USB. It is designed for users of removable drives, such as flash
drives or external hard disks. In USBSink you define a task associated
to a particular USB drive, and then have a complete automation of data
trasfers. With file monitoring and hardware detection features,
USBSink is able to respond and act according to relevant events on the

Experimental Package Location:
binaries for fe6 and fe-development are available

Review Request Ticket:

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