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Petr Bokoc kirjoitti 24.5.2021 klo 20.18:
Oh, I forgot: There are some packaging docs that are already being
published; most importantly the Packaging Guidelines[0], but we also
have a few bits in Quick-docs[1]. The Packaging Guidelines should stay
where they are, since there's a whole team working on those and I'd like
to avoid disrupting them, but I'm fine with moving [1] from Quick-docs
to dedicated maintainer documentation. Let's make sure to avoid
duplicating information.


(and check the table of contents on the left, there are 2 more pages)

On 5/24/21 7:12 PM, Petr Bokoc wrote:

Hello Otto, welcome to Fedora Docs!

I'm happy to hear you want to take over the Package Maintainer docs.
Your plan is good, that's the best way I can see it happening.

Also, I just pushed an update to the template repo, so if you haven't
started yet, please make sure to pull before you begin the conversion.
If you already got some work done, it's no big issue, the old template
still works, and if you want to update your docs too, the only
important change is that partial files are now in
modules/<module_name>/partials and they should be included as
"include::partial$filename.adoc[]". The docs on that are here:

Other than that, let me know here or on IRC/Telegram/Matrix (pbokoc in
#fedora-docs) if you need anything. Once you have a repo that's in a
publishable state - it doesn't have to be a complete wiki conversion,
just something you're comfortable with putting up on the internet, let
me know and I'll make sure it appears on our docs site.



Thank you for the advice, Petr. I will make sure to use the latest template, and to add a pull request to remove the Creating RPM Packages material from the Quick Docs when they become available in the new location.

Regarding Packaging Guidelines, I was aware that they are under the Packaging Committee than thus out of scope for me. I am not going to touch them or related material. Actually, there is one wiki page, "Policy for encouraging comaintainers of packages", that should probably be moved to docs.fp.o/packaging-guidelines — I will ask around if the Packaging Committee considers themselves to own that document.


On 5/23/21 7:28 PM, Otto Urpelainen wrote:

I have been using Fedora since 2013 and started contributing in the
beginning of 2021 by adopting some orphaned packages, doing package
reviews and submitting patches for various tools.

I recently volunteered to move Fedora Package Maintainer docs from
the old wiki system [1] to Supposedly, I will
also be involved in maintaining the new system afterwards. Thus I
decided to join the docs mailing list, too.

My plan for Package Maintainer docs migration is to first reset the
old, unfinished attempt at to use the
fedora-docs/template, then convert existing material on the wiki with
pandoc. If anybody knows a better way, please let me know.

Otto Urpelainen

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