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On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 10:34:32 -0500, Pavel Valena wrote:
> > Could you clarify on this? One has to fork and open a PR to contribute
> > to the devportal too, right?
> Yes, you're right, but I think the process for github is intuitive,
> and the contributor does not work with commandline (was my main
> point).
> Pagure needs require FAS though, right? What are the ACLs? Can anyone
> open a PR? The process seems a bit more complicated, and I'm not sure
> how many people already have github account, compared to FAS (does any
> of them support oauth from 3rd party? I'm unsure).

As far as I know, only FAS is enabled for I *think* that's
intentional, though---it allows integration with the rest of Fedora over
fedora-messaging and so on. A mirror of the repo on Pagure for PRs over
GitHub can always be maintained. Lots of projects already do it. Fpaste
is an example:

Anyone with an account on Pagure can open PRs. One can define groups for
access etc., pretty much the same as on GitHub.

> > > Unfortunately, I don't have any spare cycles to do anything like that
> > > (I don't have much for the maintenance either).
> > 
> > I think that's another reason to merge it with docs, which will be
> > managed by the community, both infrastructure and content wise.
> Agreed. Well, if it migrates well :), anyway.
> IMO the UX seems a lot friendlier with Developer Portal, with several
> overviews, and it's also more granular (more sub-pages). Is there such
> feature (or a limit) in quick-docs? Also, there's no search (which
> limits the usability for me at least).

I'm afraid I don't know all the features of the Antora based system, so
someone from the Docs core team will have to chime in here.

The search function is high on the TODO list. I think @mattdm has spoken
to CPE about this too, so it's not too far on the horizon.

> I don't want to end up with few monolithic pages noone reads. (And
> it's aimed at developers, so english is almost natural I expect.)

Is there any information on how many people are reading the dev portal
now? We know lots of people are using the Docs now, and we are
frequently helping new folks write more quick-docs (over at Ask Fedora,
for example). We're using it as a gateway to contribution---lots of
users who tinker with their systems are happy to share their knowledge,
so we help them write new quick-docs on their topic of choice.

> We could duplicate the content, however (for a while) and see how it
> compares, if you insist. Some automated translation (mirroring) would
> be a win-win IMO. Though I'm unsure it can be done.

I am not insisting at all. I am only wondering if it makes sense to have
another platform with information that the Docs are already designed to
hold. It splits the resources, and it makes users wonder where they
should look for information.

I don't think temporarily duplicating information is a good way to go.
That just makes it two copies that need to be updated then. If an
agreement cannot be reached to migrate the info into Docs, I think it's
best to leave things as they are. The Docs team keeps working on the
Docs, and the Devportal team can keep working away there.

As a community member, I thought I'd ask. That's all :)

Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD" (He / Him / His) |
Time zone: Europe/London

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