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Hi Fedora Docs!

My name is Smera, and I’m an Outreachy Intern here at Fedora and a part of the design team!

As a thank you for all the efforts you guys put in maintaining documentation, we are working on a set of infographics to highlight the accomplishments of all the people who worked and contributed to Fedora in the past year. 

For this, we request you to share accomplishments, stories, metrics etc. of individuals and/or teams in your group. It can be anything from number of new documentations added to fun easter eggs left in docs!

I have created a pagure ticket for the same here: https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/docs-fp-o/issue/136. Please give your feedback by the end of next week (June 19th).

Again, thank you for everything you do to make Fedora awesome!

Best wishes,

Smera Goel (smeragoel)

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