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Hi Everyone, My name is Rekha and I have just signed up for this mailing list, hoping to make some useful contributions to the Fedora docs project. Country of residence is India.

I am a civil engineer with ~10 years of experience in the construction industry/Government projects/ Structural designing and CAD. Currently I am on a sabbatical, taking care of my twin boys. I wish to take up some work in my free time which can be done remotely and since I am not into coding, I thought of trying technical documentation. I also have a small experience working with Oracle DB and done some C programming prior to joining the construction industry. Recently I did some basic training in html/xml/css. I can work with software tools/scripts(git/gerrit), albeit not much into coding or software design now. This is my first attempt at contributing to an open source project. I am hoping I could spare 7-10 hours a week.
My motivation to join an opensource project is my husband, who is a developer by profession and contributes to Github projects.

I read through some part of the 'Beats' section, if you guys can suggest some work for a newbie that would be helpful. I can go through links/pointers as per suggestions and come back on this list for help.

My GPG info is below:
Inspiron-5370:~$ gpg --fingerprint F8237B88
pub   rsa2048 2020-01-08 [SC]
      B6D9 38C3 AD36 16D5 50CA  0C2B 9AAD 130E F823 7B88
uid           [ultimate] Rekha K Raj (Technical Writer) <kanakaraj.rekha@xxxxxxxxx>
sub   rsa2048 2020-01-08 [E]

Thanks and Regards,
Rekha K Raj
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