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Hi Chase, welcome!

On 12/8/19 4:30 AM, Chase Ladner wrote:
Hello Doc Team,

My name is Chase Ladner, I'm a Dev Ops Engineer out of the United States. Louisiana, to be specific. I'm an IBMer of 3 years, and before that I worked as a reporter for a local newspaper in Mississippi. The tech world is still pretty new to me, and there's a lot I still want to learn and improve on. And what better place to learn than by reading the docs? ;)

I'm reasonably proficient with shell scripting, writing code, and reading other people's code as well. My grammar is less disciplined as it once was, but I think there is still enough of those rules stuck in my head to help out in that respect.

From the wiki, it looks like a good place to start to checking on old guides and migrating docs to the new system. Is this still the case? If so, I'll gladly help out there.

Yep, that's still valid. Some of the stuff in the quick-docs repository is still unmigrated, see for info. On top of that a lot of the docs in the same repo are converted but could use someone with technical skills to review them, because they've been up for a while and might be out of date; this is covered in the README at

Another great task for new people is contributing to release notes, but since Fedora 31 came out recently and F32 is still fairly far away, this doesn't apply right now - but I'll send out a call for contributions to this list in a few months when it's time.

General contributor guidelines are available at, you should check these out before you start doing anything else.

Have fun, and let me know if you need help with anything!


Petr Bokoč

Senior Technical Writer, Fedora/CentOS

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