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Le 2019-09-19 09:20, Adam Samalik a écrit :
Hi everyone!

I've implemented an experimental feature — sections in the left
menu. See an example. [1]

Sections are created by making a bold item in the menu that doesn't
link anywhere. See an example. [2]

It looks good and is compatible with our i18n tooling, congratulation :)
About i18n support, could we please move forward and make it ready for production? I'll publish the first projects in a few weeks from now.

Should I start a new thread?

We had a dedicated taiga project for this docs internationalization, I would like to move the remaining tasks to:
It it fine for you?

Why in this project? Because docs localization will be used as a test project in our beta server. We'll spot bugs related to the platform and bugs related to our tooling, keeping all at the same place makes it easier for contributors.

Thanks for your help!
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