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Hi All

I've just signed up to a new Fedora account and am interested in contributing to the docs and maybe translations projects.

I have been using some form of Red Hat linux since the year 2000, occasionally digressing into Slackware and Debian over this time. My work background is in IT system administration, web development, and teaching.

I'm currently working as an instructor in a vocational college teaching IT networking and sysadmin subjects - the content level is roughly that of RHCSA/RHCE, and includes things like automation with Ansible. To date we have mostly used CentOS in labs, but I am increasingly introducing Fedora. One thing we struggle with is finding decent course materials. The official Red Hat documentation is, as far as I can see, amongst the best there is and it has become our defacto coursebook. I'd like to see Fedora documentation be as good in its own way.

I'll read up on the documetation systems used here and what needs doing and let you know when I'm up to speed. I'm pretty familiar with markdown etc.

Note: I'm in Australia so typically most US-based events like meetings happen while I'm fast asleep. I'll catch what I can.

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