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> Greetings Fedora Docs Peoples,
> Red Hat Product Security is looking to liberate several documents from our repositories
> and get them into the community's hands.  The source is already in ASCIIDoc so they
> should be ready to go (although they may need a little touching up).  If you guys are
> interested, here are the titles we have:
> - GCC Fortify
> - Securing the Source
> - Security Benefits of RPM Packaging
> - several 'recommended practices' documents (this might be better going to the
> wiki, depending on how you want to organize your information).
> Unfortunately, all of this information is currently internal to Red Hat and, thus, not
> even available to customers.
> I guess the question right now is, does Fedora Docs even want these bits?

I have just moved the documents that were discussed, several months ago, to Pagure.  I still need to clean up the repos a bit but the data (and git history) is there.

It all needs to be updated as most of it hasn't been looked at since 2017.  I want to update the Recommended Practices: Using TLS with HTTP myself.

Anyway, it's all there in ASCIIdoc.

Eric Christensen
Technical Writer, CEE Product Security
Red Hat Inc.
sparks@xxxxxxxxxx     IRC: Sparks
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