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On 3/29/19 1:26 PM, David Yaffe wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm interested in helping out with improving Fedora documentation. My name is David Yaffe, and I'm a Fedora Ambassador from Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. On IRC I go by str8dgedave. 
> I am a heavy Linux user, both in my personal life, and at work, where I am a Linux application administrator. I am involved at the local LUG level, and with mentoring new Linux users at work.
> A big part of my current role at work is creating user documentation. My previous role was the lead support technician for a Help Desk with 200 agents, where I oversaw (reviewed/tested/edited,etc) knowledge base documentation for both external users and our Tier 1 and Tier 2 agents.
> I'm not sure if I need a sponsor to join the Documentation team like I had for the Ambassadors. If I do, I am looking for a mentor.

Hi David, welcome (back?) to the Docs mailing list! We're happy to have
you here.

Currently, there are several one-off opportunities to contribute to the
Docs Team. An example is with the Fedora Quick Docs repository. The
Quick Docs are a collection of individual how-to articles that don't
make sense to include in formal release notes. We are in the process of
converting technical instruction wiki pages to the Quick Docs site.

We are in need of two kinds of support: writing and reviewing. If you
are eager to get hands on with writing, check out any of the
"unreviewed" pages in the quick-docs project and see if you can review
them for accuracy:

We also need help with reviewing quick docs PRs. We are not all
subject-matter experts for all topics. Check out the PRs labeled "needs
committer review" and see if you can help us review any of those PRs:

If you are interesting in long-term work, the last thread replied to on
this mailing list is about Google Season of Docs. Shaun McCance
volunteered to help plan our participation, but they are looking for
support of one more person to help us coordinate.

I hope all of this is useful for you. :-) Let us know if you have any
further questions or if we can point you in the right direction.

Justin W. Flory

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