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> On 09/04/2018 04:30 PM, Ben Cotton wrote:
> project. "Non-technical" doesn't sound great, either... how about
> "Technical" and "General"? "General" itself isn't very
> descriptive
> either, but I think it becomes clearer when the two terms are displayed
> next to each other.

I would divide it into "General field" and "Technology field" subprojects. As Matt said and I agree that renaming Mindshare is uncool.

Similar to as suggested on the issue

but instead have: ... ...

This way nothing feels more important than the other and is easy to see via breadcrumb (navigation). 
One could have small partial introductions to each subproject that leads to its main page.

Also just now found that this link was broken after being redirected ( ) visited from 

Can we get some auto link checker that follows redirects? I will submit an issue about it.
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