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Hi fellow docs contributors,

As expected from new people joining the group, I'd like to say hello to everyone and introduce myself.

I joined this list because I'll be working with several other people on coordinating and writing documentation for CoreOS, Silverblue, containers, and rpm-ostree. Part of the discussion around this can be found here:

I'll make an announcement thread about it once the documentation is set up, asking more people to join in and contribute to those parts they know well, as most people have years of experience I personally don't have with rpm-ostree systems.

Before I joined Red Hat, I worked in several jobs - some of those related to documentation were Senior Technical Writer where I've restructured and redesigned documentation, Head of Marketing where part of my job also was the restructuring of documentation for SEO purposes, games journalist, copywriter, and tutor for scientific writing at university.

I hold an MSc in computer science, have been using open source software since 2002, and like my systems minimal and customizable which is what I also push for with Silverblue and Fedora CoreOS.

All the best,

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