Fedora 39 compose report: 20230926.n.1 changes

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OLD: Fedora-39-20230925.n.1
NEW: Fedora-39-20230926.n.1

===== SUMMARY =====
Added images:        4
Dropped images:      2
Added packages:      8
Dropped packages:    0
Upgraded packages:   38
Downgraded packages: 1

Size of added packages:      6.99 MiB
Size of dropped packages:    0 B
Size of upgraded packages:   1.47 GiB
Size of downgraded packages: 61.20 MiB

Size change of upgraded packages:   20.87 MiB
Size change of downgraded packages: -2.78 MiB

===== ADDED IMAGES =====
Image: Silverblue dvd-ostree ppc64le
Path: Silverblue/ppc64le/iso/Fedora-Silverblue-ostree-ppc64le-39-20230926.n.1.iso
Image: Onyx dvd-ostree x86_64
Path: Onyx/x86_64/iso/Fedora-Onyx-ostree-x86_64-39-20230926.n.1.iso
Image: Server boot ppc64le
Path: Server/ppc64le/iso/Fedora-Server-netinst-ppc64le-39-20230926.n.1.iso
Image: Server dvd ppc64le
Path: Server/ppc64le/iso/Fedora-Server-dvd-ppc64le-39-20230926.n.1.iso

===== DROPPED IMAGES =====
Image: Kinoite dvd-ostree ppc64le
Path: Kinoite/ppc64le/iso/Fedora-Kinoite-ostree-ppc64le-39-20230925.n.1.iso
Image: Workstation live aarch64
Path: Workstation/aarch64/iso/Fedora-Workstation-Live-aarch64-39-20230925.n.1.iso

===== ADDED PACKAGES =====
Package: aubit4gl-1.6.1.p2-1.fc39
Summary: IBM Informix 4GL compatible compiler
RPMs:    aubit4gl aubit4gl-devel
Size:    6.42 MiB

Package: rust-annotate-snippets-0.9.1-1.fc39
Summary: Library for building code annotations
RPMs:    rust-annotate-snippets+color-devel rust-annotate-snippets+default-devel rust-annotate-snippets+yansi-term-devel rust-annotate-snippets-devel
Size:    67.86 KiB

Package: rust-annotate-snippets0.6-0.6.1-1.fc39
Summary: Library for building code annotations
RPMs:    rust-annotate-snippets0.6+ansi_term-devel rust-annotate-snippets0.6+color-devel rust-annotate-snippets0.6+default-devel rust-annotate-snippets0.6-devel
Size:    60.28 KiB

Package: rust-bindgen0.63-0.63.0-1.fc39
Summary: Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C and C++ libraries
RPMs:    rust-bindgen0.63+default-devel rust-bindgen0.63+log-devel rust-bindgen0.63+logging-devel rust-bindgen0.63+runtime-devel rust-bindgen0.63+static-devel rust-bindgen0.63+testing_only_docs-devel rust-bindgen0.63+testing_only_extra_assertions-devel rust-bindgen0.63+testing_only_libclang_5-devel rust-bindgen0.63+testing_only_libclang_9-devel rust-bindgen0.63+which-devel rust-bindgen0.63+which-rustfmt-devel rust-bindgen0.63-devel
Size:    262.27 KiB

Package: rust-chic-1.2.2-1.fc39
Summary: Pretty parser error reporting
RPMs:    rust-chic+default-devel rust-chic-devel
Size:    22.67 KiB

Package: rust-imara-diff-0.1.5-1.fc39
Summary: Minimal diff library
RPMs:    rust-imara-diff+default-devel rust-imara-diff+unified_diff-devel rust-imara-diff-devel
Size:    54.88 KiB

Package: rust-uzers-0.11.3-1.fc39
Summary: Library for accessing Unix users and groups
RPMs:    rust-uzers+cache-devel rust-uzers+default-devel rust-uzers+log-devel rust-uzers+logging-devel rust-uzers+mock-devel rust-uzers-devel
Size:    64.53 KiB

Package: rust-yansi-term-0.1.2-1.fc39
Summary: Library for ANSI terminal colours and styles (bold, underline)
RPMs:    rust-yansi-term+default-devel rust-yansi-term+derive_serde_style-devel rust-yansi-term+serde-devel rust-yansi-term-devel
Size:    41.66 KiB


Package:      PyDrive2-1.17.0-2.fc39
Old package:  PyDrive2-1.17.0-1.fc39
Summary:      Google Drive API Python wrapper library, maintained fork of PyDrive
RPMs:         python3-PyDrive2
Size:         124.47 KiB
Size change:  454 B
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <zbyszek@xxxxxxxxx> - 1.17.0-2
  - Fix version in Obsoletes

Package:      argparse-manpage-4.5-1.fc39
Old package:  argparse-manpage-4.4-1.fc39
Summary:      Build manual page from Python ArgumentParser object
RPMs:         argparse-manpage python3-argparse-manpage python3-argparse-manpage+setuptools
Size:         87.84 KiB
Size change:  1.63 KiB
  * Fri Sep 22 2023 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@xxxxxxxxxx> - 4.5-1
  - new upstream release https://github.com/praiskup/argparse-manpage/releases/tag/v4.4

Package:      baresip-3.5.1-1.fc39
Old package:  baresip-3.4.0-1.fc39
Summary:      Modular SIP user-agent with audio and video support
RPMs:         baresip baresip-aac baresip-alsa baresip-av1 baresip-codec2 baresip-ctrl_dbus baresip-devel baresip-g722 baresip-g726 baresip-gst baresip-gtk baresip-jack baresip-mpa baresip-mqtt baresip-opus baresip-pipewire baresip-plc baresip-portaudio baresip-pulse baresip-sdl baresip-snapshot baresip-sndfile baresip-tools baresip-v4l2 baresip-vp8 baresip-vp9 baresip-x11
Size:         6.56 MiB
Size change:  13.84 KiB
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Robert Scheck <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 3.5.1-1
  - Upgrade to 3.5.1 (#2238647)

Package:      bottles-1:51.9-1.fc39
Old package:  bottles-1:51.6-2.fc39
Summary:      Easily manage Wine prefix in a new way
RPMs:         bottles
Size:         615.28 KiB
Size change:  1.80 KiB
  * Tue Sep 12 2023 Lyes Saadi <lyessaadi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 1:51.6-3
  - blueprint-compiler: ExcludeArch s390x

  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Sandro <devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 1:51.9-1
  - Update to 51.9 (RHBZ#2233358)
  - Update License: value
  - Update requirements
  - Close RHBZ#2229175 RHBZ#2227538 RHBZ#2224722 RHBZ#2222906
  - Close RHBZ#2221500

Package:      ccdciel-0.9.86-1.fc39
Old package:  ccdciel-0.9.85-1.fc39
Summary:      CCD capture software
RPMs:         ccdciel ccdciel-doc
Size:         34.08 MiB
Size change:  127.79 KiB
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Mattia Verga <mattia.verga@xxxxxxxxx> - 0.9.86-1
  - Update to 0.9.86 (fedora#2239289)

Package:      cups-1:2.4.7-1.fc39
Old package:  cups-1:2.4.6-4.fc39
Summary:      CUPS printing system
RPMs:         cups cups-client cups-devel cups-filesystem cups-ipptool cups-libs cups-lpd cups-printerapp
Size:         24.09 MiB
Size change:  8.82 KiB
  * Mon Aug 14 2023 Zdenek Dohnal <zdohnal@xxxxxxxxxx> - 1:2.4.6-5
  - comply the upgrade script with python2 as well if needed

  * Mon Sep 11 2023 Zdenek Dohnal <zdohnal@xxxxxxxxxx> - 1:2.4.6-6
  - use unified __python macro

  * Wed Sep 20 2023 Zdenek Dohnal <zdohnal@xxxxxxxxxx> - 1:2.4.7-1
  - 2239982 - cups-2.4.7 is available

Package:      curl-8.2.1-2.fc39
Old package:  curl-8.2.1-1.fc39
Summary:      A utility for getting files from remote servers (FTP, HTTP, and others)
RPMs:         curl curl-minimal libcurl libcurl-devel libcurl-minimal
Size:         9.78 MiB
Size change:  5.17 KiB
  * Wed Sep 13 2023 Jan Macku <jamacku@xxxxxxxxxx> - 8.2.1-2
  - fix HTTP headers eat all memory (CVE-2023-38039)

Package:      fpaste-
Old package:  fpaste-
Summary:      A simple tool for pasting info onto the Fedora community paste server
RPMs:         fpaste
Size:         31.68 KiB
Size change:  -44 B
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Ankur Sinha (Ankur Sinha Gmail) <sanjay.ankur@xxxxxxxxx> -
  - feat: update to (fixes rh#2236636)

Package:      glibc-2.38-4.fc39
Old package:  glibc-2.38-1.fc39
Summary:      The GNU libc libraries
RPMs:         compat-libpthread-nonshared glibc glibc-all-langpacks glibc-benchtests glibc-common glibc-devel glibc-doc glibc-gconv-extra glibc-headers-s390 glibc-headers-x86 glibc-langpack-aa glibc-langpack-af glibc-langpack-agr glibc-langpack-ak glibc-langpack-am glibc-langpack-an glibc-langpack-anp glibc-langpack-ar glibc-langpack-as glibc-langpack-ast glibc-langpack-ayc glibc-langpack-az glibc-langpack-be glibc-langpack-bem glibc-langpack-ber glibc-langpack-bg glibc-langpack-bhb glibc-langpack-bho glibc-langpack-bi glibc-langpack-bn glibc-langpack-bo glibc-langpack-br glibc-langpack-brx glibc-langpack-bs glibc-langpack-byn glibc-langpack-ca glibc-langpack-ce glibc-langpack-chr glibc-langpack-ckb glibc-langpack-cmn glibc-langpack-crh glibc-langpack-cs glibc-langpack-csb glibc-langpack-cv glibc-langpack-cy glibc-langpack-da glibc-langpack-de glibc-langpack-doi glibc-langpack-dsb glibc-langpack-dv glibc-langpack-dz glibc-langpack-el glibc-langpack-en glibc-langpack-eo glibc-langpack-es glibc-langpack-et glibc-langpack-eu glibc-langpack-fa glibc-langpack-ff glibc-langpack-fi glibc-langpack-fil glibc-langpack-fo glibc-langpack-fr glibc-langpack-fur glibc-langpack-fy glibc-langpack-ga glibc-langpack-gd glibc-langpack-gez glibc-langpack-gl glibc-langpack-gu glibc-langpack-gv glibc-langpack-ha glibc-langpack-hak glibc-langpack-he glibc-langpack-hi glibc-langpack-hif glibc-langpack-hne glibc-langpack-hr glibc-langpack-hsb glibc-langpack-ht glibc-langpack-hu glibc-langpack-hy glibc-langpack-ia glibc-langpack-id glibc-langpack-ig glibc-langpack-ik glibc-langpack-is glibc-langpack-it glibc-langpack-iu glibc-langpack-ja glibc-langpack-ka glibc-langpack-kab glibc-langpack-kk glibc-langpack-kl glibc-langpack-km glibc-langpack-kn glibc-langpack-ko glibc-langpack-kok glibc-langpack-ks glibc-langpack-ku glibc-langpack-kw glibc-langpack-ky glibc-langpack-lb glibc-langpack-lg glibc-langpack-li glibc-langpack-lij glibc-langpack-ln glibc-langpack-lo glibc-langpack-lt glibc-langpack-lv glibc-langpack-lzh glibc-langpack-mag glibc-langpack-mai glibc-langpack-mfe glibc-langpack-mg glibc-langpack-mhr glibc-langpack-mi glibc-langpack-miq glibc-langpack-mjw glibc-langpack-mk glibc-langpack-ml glibc-langpack-mn glibc-langpack-mni glibc-langpack-mnw glibc-langpack-mr glibc-langpack-ms glibc-langpack-mt glibc-langpack-my glibc-langpack-nan glibc-langpack-nb glibc-langpack-nds glibc-langpack-ne glibc-langpack-nhn glibc-langpack-niu glibc-langpack-nl glibc-langpack-nn glibc-langpack-nr glibc-langpack-nso glibc-langpack-oc glibc-langpack-om glibc-langpack-or glibc-langpack-os glibc-langpack-pa glibc-langpack-pap glibc-langpack-pl glibc-langpack-ps glibc-langpack-pt glibc-langpack-quz glibc-langpack-raj glibc-langpack-rif glibc-langpack-ro glibc-langpack-ru glibc-langpack-rw glibc-langpack-sa glibc-langpack-sah glibc-langpack-sat glibc-langpack-sc glibc-langpack-sd glibc-langpack-se glibc-langpack-sgs glibc-langpack-shn glibc-langpack-shs glibc-langpack-si glibc-langpack-sid glibc-langpack-sk glibc-langpack-sl glibc-langpack-sm glibc-langpack-so glibc-langpack-sq glibc-langpack-sr glibc-langpack-ss glibc-langpack-st glibc-langpack-sv glibc-langpack-sw glibc-langpack-syr glibc-langpack-szl glibc-langpack-ta glibc-langpack-tcy glibc-langpack-te glibc-langpack-tg glibc-langpack-th glibc-langpack-the glibc-langpack-ti glibc-langpack-tig glibc-langpack-tk glibc-langpack-tl glibc-langpack-tn glibc-langpack-to glibc-langpack-tpi glibc-langpack-tr glibc-langpack-ts glibc-langpack-tt glibc-langpack-ug glibc-langpack-uk glibc-langpack-unm glibc-langpack-ur glibc-langpack-uz glibc-langpack-ve glibc-langpack-vi glibc-langpack-wa glibc-langpack-wae glibc-langpack-wal glibc-langpack-wo glibc-langpack-xh glibc-langpack-yi glibc-langpack-yo glibc-langpack-yue glibc-langpack-yuw glibc-langpack-zh glibc-langpack-zu glibc-locale-source glibc-minimal-langpack glibc-nss-devel glibc-static glibc-utils libnsl nss_db nss_hesiod
Size:         527.88 MiB
Size change:  1.14 MiB
  * Tue Aug 01 2023 Siddhesh Poyarekar <siddhesh@xxxxxxxxxx> - 2.38-2
  - Drop downstream glibc shadow stack userspace support patches.

  * Tue Aug 22 2023 Arjun Shankar <arjun@xxxxxxxxxx> - 2.38-3
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.38/master,
    commit 2af141bda3cd407abd4bedf615f9e45fe79518e2.
  - malloc: Remove bin scanning from memalign (bug 30723)
  - malloc: Enable merging of remainders in memalign (bug 30723)
  - i686: Fix build with --disable-multiarch
  - x86_64: Fix build with --disable-multiarch (BZ 30721)
  - x86: Fix incorrect scope of setting `shared_per_thread` [BZ# 30745]
  - nscd: Do not rebuild getaddrinfo (bug 30709)
  - x86: Fix for cache computation on AMD legacy cpus.
  - stdlib: Improve tst-realpath compatibility with source fortification

  * Mon Sep 11 2023 Florian Weimer <fweimer@xxxxxxxxxx> - 2.38-4
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.38/master,
    commit 89da8bc588c2296252543b049bf6d9272321f90d:
  - elf: Move l_init_called_next to old place of l_text_end in link map
  - elf: Remove unused l_text_end field from struct link_map
  - elf: Always call destructors in reverse constructor order (bug 30785)
  - elf: Do not run constructors for proxy objects
  - libio: Fix oversized __io_vtables
  - io: Fix record locking contants for powerpc64 with __USE_FILE_OFFSET64
  - sysdeps: tst-bz21269: fix -Wreturn-type
  - sysdeps: tst-bz21269: handle ENOSYS & skip appropriately
  - sysdeps: tst-bz21269: fix test parameter

Package:      gucharmap-15.1.1-1.fc39
Old package:  gucharmap-15.0.4-2.fc39
Summary:      Unicode character picker and font browser
RPMs:         gucharmap gucharmap-devel gucharmap-libs
Size:         9.39 MiB
Size change:  64.34 KiB
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Alexander Ploumistos <alexpl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 15.1.0-1
  - Update to 15.1.0 (#2238638)
  - Correct license for Unicode data to Unicode-DFS-2016

  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Alexander Ploumistos <alexpl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 15.1.1-1
  - Update to 15.1.1 (#2239341)

Package:      indistarter-2.4.0-1.fc39
Old package:  indistarter-2.3.2-3.fc39
Summary:      GUI to start, stop and control an INDI server
RPMs:         indistarter
Size:         9.42 MiB
Size change:  -651.75 KiB
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Mattia Verga <mattia.verga@xxxxxxxxx> - 2.4.0-1
  - Update to 2.4.0

Package:      libguestfs-1:1.51.7-1.fc39
Old package:  libguestfs-1:1.51.6-2.fc39
Summary:      Access and modify virtual machine disk images
RPMs:         libguestfs libguestfs-appliance libguestfs-bash-completion libguestfs-devel libguestfs-forensics libguestfs-gfs2 libguestfs-gobject libguestfs-gobject-devel libguestfs-hfsplus libguestfs-inspect-icons libguestfs-man-pages-ja libguestfs-man-pages-uk libguestfs-rescue libguestfs-rsync libguestfs-ufs libguestfs-vala libguestfs-xfs libguestfs-zfs lua-guestfs ocaml-libguestfs ocaml-libguestfs-devel perl-Sys-Guestfs php-libguestfs python3-libguestfs ruby-libguestfs
Size:         24.03 MiB
Size change:  -217.81 KiB
  * Thu Sep 21 2023 Richard W.M. Jones <rjones@xxxxxxxxxx> - 1:1.51.7-1
  - New upstream development branch 1.51.7

Package:      libheif-1.16.2-2.fc39
Old package:  libheif-1.16.1-2.fc39
Summary:      HEIF and AVIF file format decoder and encoder
RPMs:         heif-pixbuf-loader libheif libheif-devel libheif-tools
Size:         2.03 MiB
Size change:  56.71 KiB
  * Fri Jul 28 2023 Orion Poplawski <orion@xxxxxxxx> - 1.16.2-1
  - Update to 1.16.2

  * Fri Sep 08 2023 Dominik Mierzejewski <dominik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 1.16.2-2
  - Enable uncompressed codec (rhbz#2237849)
  - Run tests conditionally (requires making all symbols visible)
  - Disable HEVC tests when building without HEVC codec

Package:      libre-3.5.1-1.fc39
Old package:  libre-3.4.0-1.fc39
Summary:      Generic library for real-time communications
RPMs:         libre libre-devel
Size:         2.15 MiB
Size change:  41.99 KiB
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Robert Scheck <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 3.5.1-1
  - Upgrade to 3.5.1 (#2238874)

Package:      linux-firmware-20230919-1.fc39
Old package:  linux-firmware-20230804-153.fc39
Summary:      Firmware files used by the Linux kernel
RPMs:         amd-gpu-firmware atheros-firmware brcmfmac-firmware dvb-firmware intel-gpu-firmware iwlegacy-firmware iwlwifi-dvm-firmware iwlwifi-mvm-firmware libertas-firmware linux-firmware linux-firmware-whence liquidio-firmware mlxsw_spectrum-firmware mrvlprestera-firmware mt7xxx-firmware netronome-firmware nvidia-gpu-firmware qcom-firmware realtek-firmware
Size:         376.01 MiB
Size change:  18.44 MiB
  * Tue Sep 19 2023 Peter Robinson <pbrobinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 20230919-1
  - Update to upstream 20230919 release
  - amd-ucode: Add note on fam19h warnings
  - i915: update MTL HuC to version 8.5.4
  - amdgpu: update DMCUB to for various AMDGPU ASICs
  - qcom: add link to sc8280xp audioreach firmware
  - qcom: sm8250: add RB5 sensors DSP firmware
  - qcom: Update vpu-1.0 firmware
  - qcom: sm8250: update DSP firmware
  - qcom: add firmware for the onboard WiFi on qcm2290 / qrb4210
  - qcom: add venus firmware files for v6.0
  - qcom: add firmware for QRB4210 platforms
  - qcom: add firmware for QCM2290 platforms
  - qcom: add GPU firmware for QCM2290 / QRB2210
  - ath10k/WCN3990: move wlanmdsp to qcom/sdm845
  - QCA: Update Bluetooth WCN685x 2.1 firmware to 2.1.0-00605
  - Fix carl9170fw shell scripts for shellcheck errors
  - i915: Update MTL DMC to v2.16
  - Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth AX200/AX201/AX203/AX210/AX211
  - Update firmware for qat_4xxx devices
  - Update AMD SEV firmware
  - rtw89: 8852b: update fw to v0.29.29.3
  - rtw89: 8851b: update fw to v0.29.41.2
  - i915: add GSC for MTL
  - cirrus: Add CS35L41 firmware for HP G11 models
  - Update AMD cpu microcode
  - rtl_bt: Add firmware v2 file for RTL8852C
  - Revert "rtl_bt: Update RTL8852C BT USB firmware to 0x040D_7225"
  - cxgb4: Update firmware to revision

Package:      mock-5.1.1-1.fc39
Old package:  mock-5.0-1.fc39
Summary:      Builds packages inside chroots
RPMs:         mock mock-filesystem mock-lvm mock-scm
Size:         340.44 KiB
Size change:  7.03 KiB
  * Fri Sep 15 2023 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@xxxxxxxxxx> 5.1-1
  - new upstream release, per https://rpm-software-management.github.io/mock/Release-Notes-5.1

  * Mon Sep 18 2023 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@xxxxxxxxxx> 5.1.1-1
  - keep re-creating the root directory for each build

Package:      mock-core-configs-39.1-1.fc39
Old package:  mock-core-configs-39-1.fc39
Summary:      Mock core config files basic chroots
RPMs:         mock-core-configs
Size:         145.81 KiB
Size change:  3.00 KiB
  * Fri Sep 15 2023 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@xxxxxxxxxx> 39.1-1
  - Add openSUSE Leap 15.5 (neal@xxxxxxxxx)
  - Move openSUSE Leap 15.3 to EOL (neal@xxxxxxxxx)
  - Mageia 9 branched, Mageia Cauldron retargeted to Mageia 10 (neal@xxxxxxxxx)

Package:      mozjs115-115.2.0-1.fc39
Old package:  mozjs115-115.1.0-1.fc39
Summary:      SpiderMonkey JavaScript library
RPMs:         mozjs115 mozjs115-devel
Size:         47.59 MiB
Size change:  21.21 KiB
  * Mon Aug 28 2023 František Zatloukal <fzatlouk@xxxxxxxxxx> - 115.2.0-1
  - mozjs115-115.2.0

Package:      netatalk-5:3.1.17-1.fc39
Old package:  netatalk-5:3.1.15-2.fc39
Summary:      Open Source Apple Filing Protocol(AFP) File Server
RPMs:         netatalk netatalk-devel
Size:         2.95 MiB
Size change:  -9.44 KiB
  * Tue Sep 12 2023 Andrew Bauer <zonexpertconsulting@xxxxxxxxxxx> - 5:3.1.16-1
  - autoconf, automake, and libtool are no longer required
  - force gnu99 cflag on el7 builds
  - 3.1.16 release

  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Andrew Bauer <zonexpertconsulting@xxxxxxxxxxx> - 5:3.1.17-1
  - 3.1.17 release
  - Fixes CVE-2023-42464
  - upstream removed bundled libevent back in 3.1.13 release

Package:      perl-Crypt-Argon2-0.019-6.fc39
Old package:  perl-Crypt-Argon2-0.019-4.fc39
Summary:      Perl interface to the Argon2 key derivation functions
RPMs:         perl-Crypt-Argon2
Size:         173.54 KiB
Size change:  496 B
  * Fri Sep 15 2023 Charles R. Anderson <cra@xxxxxxxxxxxx> - 0.019-5
  - Bump and rebuild to resolve coredump issue with current build (rhbz#2118421)

  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Charles R. Anderson <cra@xxxxxxxxxxxx> - 0.019-6
  - Add no-march-native.patch from Debian to actually resolve coredump issue (rhbz#2239146)

Package:      perl-File-Copy-Recursive-Reduced-0.007-1.fc39
Old package:  perl-File-Copy-Recursive-Reduced-0.006-18.fc39
Summary:      Recursive copying of files and directories within Perl 5 toolchain
RPMs:         perl-File-Copy-Recursive-Reduced
Size:         28.38 KiB
Size change:  731 B
  * Sat Sep 16 2023 Paul Howarth <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxx> - 0.007-1
  - Update to 0.007
    - Corrections to better accommodate Windows path separators

Package:      plasma-workspace-5.27.8-2.fc39
Old package:  plasma-workspace-5.27.8-1.fc39
Summary:      Plasma workspace, applications and applets
RPMs:         libkworkspace5 plasma-lookandfeel-fedora plasma-workspace plasma-workspace-common plasma-workspace-devel plasma-workspace-doc plasma-workspace-geolocation plasma-workspace-geolocation-libs plasma-workspace-libs plasma-workspace-wayland plasma-workspace-x11 sddm-breeze sddm-wayland-plasma
Size:         97.58 MiB
Size change:  -21.63 KiB
  * Fri Sep 22 2023 Neal Gompa <ngompa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 5.27.8-2
  - Recommend orca for a11y and require xdg-desktop-portal-kde for wayland

Package:      python-music21-9.1.0-1.fc39
Old package:  python-music21-7.3.3-4.fc38
Summary:      Toolkit for computational musicology
RPMs:         python-music21-common python3-music21
Size:         21.06 MiB
Size change:  375.40 KiB
  * Tue Jul 04 2023 Python Maint <python-maint@xxxxxxxxxx> - 7.3.3-5
  - Rebuilt for Python 3.12

  * Fri Jul 21 2023 Fedora Release Engineering <releng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 7.3.3-6
  - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_39_Mass_Rebuild

  * Sat Sep 02 2023 Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <zbyszek@xxxxxxxxx> - 9.1.0-1
  - Version 9.1.0 (rhbz#2128221)

Package:      python-neurotune-0.2.6-1.fc39
Old package:  python-neurotune-0.2.3-0.12.20220201gita17f0fd.fc39
Summary:      A package for optimizing electical models of excitable cells
RPMs:         python-neurotune-doc python3-neurotune
Size:         2.21 MiB
Size change:  13.98 KiB
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Ankur Sinha (Ankur Sinha Gmail) <sanjay.ankur@xxxxxxxxx> - 0.2.6-1
  - feat: update to 0.2.6

Package:      python-protego-0.2.1-7.fc39
Old package:  python-protego-0.2.1-4.fc38
Summary:      Pure-Python robots.txt parser with support for modern conventions
RPMs:         python3-protego
Size:         46.66 KiB
Size change:  -591 B
  * Tue Jun 13 2023 Python Maint <python-maint@xxxxxxxxxx> - 0.2.1-5
  - Rebuilt for Python 3.12

  * Fri Jul 21 2023 Fedora Release Engineering <releng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 0.2.1-6
  - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_39_Mass_Rebuild

  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Eduardo Echeverria  <echevemaster@xxxxxxxxx> - 0.2.1-7
  - Fix install dependencies

Package:      python3-docs-3.12.0~rc3-1.fc39
Old package:  python3-docs-3.12.0~rc1-1.fc39
Summary:      Documentation for the Python 3 programming language
RPMs:         python3-docs
Size:         8.20 MiB
Size change:  249.28 KiB
  * Wed Sep 06 2023 Tomáš Hrnčiar <thrnciar@xxxxxxxxxx> - 3.12.0~rc2-1
  - Update to 3.12.0rc2

  * Tue Sep 19 2023 Miro Hrončok <mhroncok@xxxxxxxxxx> - 3.12.0~rc3-1
  - Update to 3.12.0rc3

Package:      python3.12-3.12.0~rc3-1.fc39
Old package:  python3.12-3.12.0~rc1-1.fc39
Summary:      Version 3.12 of the Python interpreter
RPMs:         python-unversioned-command python3 python3-debug python3-devel python3-idle python3-libs python3-test python3-tkinter
Size:         146.55 MiB
Size change:  531.23 KiB
  * Wed Sep 06 2023 Tomáš Hrnčiar <thrnciar@xxxxxxxxxx> - 3.12.0~rc2-1
  - Update to 3.12.0rc2

  * Tue Sep 19 2023 Miro Hrončok <mhroncok@xxxxxxxxxx> - 3.12.0~rc3-1
  - Update to 3.12.0rc3

Package:      rocclr-5.6.1-1.fc39
Old package:  rocclr-5.6.0-4.fc39
Summary:      ROCm Compute Language Runtime
RPMs:         hip-devel hip-doc hipcc rocm-clinfo rocm-hip rocm-hip-devel rocm-opencl rocm-opencl-devel
Size:         23.08 MiB
Size change:  -1.81 KiB
  * Tue Sep 12 2023 Jeremy Newton <alexjnewt at hotmail dot com> - 5.6.1-1
  - Update to 5.6.1

Package:      rubberband-3.3.0-1.fc39
Old package:  rubberband-3.2.1-3.fc39
Summary:      Audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library
RPMs:         rubberband rubberband-devel
Size:         2.07 MiB
Size change:  38.88 KiB
  * Mon Aug 21 2023 Michel Alexandre Salim <salimma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 3.3.0-1
  - Update to 3.3.0
  - Use SPDX license identifier

Package:      rust-bindgen-0.68.1-1.fc39
Old package:  rust-bindgen-0.63.0-5.fc39
Summary:      Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C and C++ libraries
RPMs:         rust-bindgen+__cli-devel rust-bindgen+__testing_only_extra_assertions-devel rust-bindgen+__testing_only_libclang_5-devel rust-bindgen+__testing_only_libclang_9-devel rust-bindgen+default-devel rust-bindgen+experimental-devel rust-bindgen+logging-devel rust-bindgen+prettyplease-devel rust-bindgen+runtime-devel rust-bindgen+static-devel rust-bindgen+which-rustfmt-devel rust-bindgen-devel
Added RPMs:   rust-bindgen+__cli-devel rust-bindgen+__testing_only_extra_assertions-devel rust-bindgen+__testing_only_libclang_5-devel rust-bindgen+__testing_only_libclang_9-devel rust-bindgen+experimental-devel rust-bindgen+prettyplease-devel
Dropped RPMs: rust-bindgen+log-devel rust-bindgen+testing_only_docs-devel rust-bindgen+testing_only_extra_assertions-devel rust-bindgen+testing_only_libclang_5-devel rust-bindgen+testing_only_libclang_9-devel rust-bindgen+which-devel
Size:         292.00 KiB
Size change:  13.87 KiB
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Fabio Valentini <decathorpe@xxxxxxxxx> - 0.68.1-1
  - Update to version 0.68.1; Fixes RHBZ#2167834

Package:      rust-bindgen-cli-0.68.1-1.fc39
Old package:  rust-bindgen-cli-0.63.0-5.fc39
Summary:      Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C and C++ libraries
RPMs:         bindgen-cli
Size:         8.05 MiB
Size change:  1.13 MiB
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Fabio Valentini <decathorpe@xxxxxxxxx> - 0.68.1-1
  - Update to version 0.68.1; Fixes RHBZ#2168598

Package:      sddm-0.20.0-4.fc39
Old package:  sddm-0.20.0-3.fc39
Summary:      QML based desktop and login manager
RPMs:         sddm sddm-themes sddm-wayland-generic sddm-x11
Size:         11.64 MiB
Size change:  -2.89 MiB
  * Tue Sep 19 2023 Alessandro Astone <ales.astone@xxxxxxxxx> - 0.20.0-4
  - Hide keyboard layout picker in the wayland greeter

Package:      siril-1.2.0-1.fc39
Old package:  siril-1.2.0~rc1-1.fc39
Summary:      Astronomical image processing software
RPMs:         siril
Size:         10.03 MiB
Size change:  295.33 KiB
  * Sat Sep 16 2023 Mattia Verga <mattia.verga@xxxxxxxxx> - 1.2.0-1
  - Update to 1.2.0 final (fedora#2239037)
  - Migrate license to SPDX

Package:      solaar-1.1.10-1.fc39
Old package:  solaar-1.1.9-4.fc39
Summary:      Device manager for a wide range of Logitech devices
RPMs:         solaar solaar-doc solaar-udev
Size:         1.76 MiB
Size change:  9.87 KiB
  * Sun Sep 24 2023 Dominik Mierzejewski <dominik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 1.1.10-1
  - update to 1.1.10 (#2239784)
  - drop obsolete patch

Package:      syncthing-1.24.0-1.fc39
Old package:  syncthing-1.23.6-1.fc39
Summary:      Continuous File Synchronization
RPMs:         syncthing syncthing-tools
Size:         76.63 MiB
Size change:  1.70 MiB
  * Sat Jul 22 2023 Fedora Release Engineering <releng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 1.23.6-2
  - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_39_Mass_Rebuild

  * Fri Sep 01 2023 Fabio Valentini <decathorpe@xxxxxxxxx> - 1.23.7-1
  - Update to version 1.23.7; Fixes RHBZ#2230629

  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Fabio Valentini <decathorpe@xxxxxxxxx> - 1.24.0-1
  - Update to version 1.24.0; Fixes RHBZ#2237824

Package:      uwsgi-2.0.22-3.fc39
Old package:  uwsgi-2.0.22-1.fc39
Summary:      Fast, self-healing, application container server
RPMs:         python3-uwsgidecorators python3.11-uwsgidecorators uwsgi uwsgi-alarm-curl uwsgi-alarm-xmpp uwsgi-devel uwsgi-docs uwsgi-emperor-amqp uwsgi-emperor-pg uwsgi-emperor-zeromq uwsgi-log-encoder-msgpack uwsgi-logger-crypto uwsgi-logger-file uwsgi-logger-graylog2 uwsgi-logger-pipe uwsgi-logger-redis uwsgi-logger-rsyslog uwsgi-logger-socket uwsgi-logger-syslog uwsgi-logger-systemd uwsgi-logger-zeromq uwsgi-plugin-airbrake uwsgi-plugin-cache uwsgi-plugin-carbon uwsgi-plugin-cheaper-busyness uwsgi-plugin-common uwsgi-plugin-coroae uwsgi-plugin-cplusplus uwsgi-plugin-curl-cron uwsgi-plugin-dumbloop uwsgi-plugin-dummy uwsgi-plugin-fiber uwsgi-plugin-gccgo uwsgi-plugin-geoip uwsgi-plugin-glusterfs uwsgi-plugin-ldap uwsgi-plugin-lua uwsgi-plugin-mongrel2 uwsgi-plugin-mono uwsgi-plugin-nagios uwsgi-plugin-notfound uwsgi-plugin-pam uwsgi-plugin-php uwsgi-plugin-psgi uwsgi-plugin-pty uwsgi-plugin-python3 uwsgi-plugin-python3-gevent uwsgi-plugin-python3-greenlet uwsgi-plugin-python3-tornado uwsgi-plugin-python311 uwsgi-plugin-python311-gevent uwsgi-plugin-rack uwsgi-plugin-rbthreads uwsgi-plugin-rpc uwsgi-plugin-rrdtool uwsgi-plugin-ruby uwsgi-plugin-spooler uwsgi-plugin-sqlite3 uwsgi-plugin-ssi uwsgi-plugin-ugreen uwsgi-plugin-webdav uwsgi-plugin-xattr uwsgi-plugin-xslt uwsgi-plugin-zergpool uwsgi-router-basicauth uwsgi-router-cache uwsgi-router-expires uwsgi-router-fast uwsgi-router-forkpty uwsgi-router-hash uwsgi-router-http uwsgi-router-memcached uwsgi-router-metrics uwsgi-router-radius uwsgi-router-raw uwsgi-router-redirect uwsgi-router-redis uwsgi-router-rewrite uwsgi-router-spnego uwsgi-router-ssl uwsgi-router-static uwsgi-router-tuntap uwsgi-router-uwsgi uwsgi-router-xmldir uwsgi-stats-pusher-file uwsgi-stats-pusher-socket uwsgi-stats-pusher-statsd uwsgi-stats-pusher-zabbix uwsgi-transformation-chunked uwsgi-transformation-gzip uwsgi-transformation-offload uwsgi-transformation-template uwsgi-transformation-tofile uwsgi-transformation-toupper
Added RPMs:   python3.11-uwsgidecorators uwsgi-plugin-python311 uwsgi-plugin-python311-gevent
Size:         13.52 MiB
Size change:  417.25 KiB
  * Fri Sep 15 2023 Ralf Ertzinger <ralf@xxxxxxxxxxx> - 2.0.22-2
  - For Fedora 39, build an extra module against Python 3.11
  - Disable PIE and enable PIC for the mail executable to avoid crashes when using
    the PHP module (see BZ2203863)

  * Sat Sep 16 2023 Ralf Ertzinger <ralf@xxxxxxxxxxx> - 2.0.22-3
  - Extend building the python 3.11 module to rawhide

Package:      vit-2.3.1-2.fc39
Old package:  vit-2.3.1-1.fc39
Summary:      Visual Interactive Taskwarrior full-screen terminal interface
RPMs:         vit
Size:         316.88 KiB
Size change:  -36 B
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Ankur Sinha (Ankur Sinha Gmail) <sanjay.ankur@xxxxxxxxx> - 2.3.1-2
  - fix: for py3.12

Package:      zix-0.4.0-1.fc39
Old package:  zix-0.3.1-7.20230226git262d4a1.fc39
Summary:      A lightweight C library of portability wrappers and data structures
RPMs:         zix zix-devel zix-doc
Size:         367.62 KiB
Size change:  -11.00 KiB
  * Sun Sep 17 2023 Guido Aulisi <guido.aulisi@xxxxxxxxx> - 0.4.0-1
  - Update to 0.4.0
  - Use releases

Package:      distribution-gpg-keys-1.96-1.fc39
Old package:  distribution-gpg-keys-1.97-1.fc39
Summary:      GPG keys of various Linux distributions
RPMs:         distribution-gpg-keys distribution-gpg-keys-copr
Size:         61.20 MiB
Size change:  -2.78 MiB
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