-Werror=implicit-int -Werror=implicit-function-declaration coming to rawhide

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redhat-rpm-config-267-1.fc40 activates the first phase of compiler flags
to avoid regressions in the Fedora C99 port.  Implicit ints and implicit
function declarations will be rejected by default.  The recommended way
to opt out is to set %build_type_safety_c to 0.  See the buildflags.md

I tried very hard to bring the number of build failures to 0, but in the
end, every time I got close, some other package popped up that failed to
build.  So I have now made the switch in the knowledge that some
packages will still fail to build.

The discussion regarding this topic at the GNU Tools Cauldron last
weekend was quite positive, and it is likely that GCC 14 will make a
similar change by default.

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