Re: Packaging guidelines - validation of AppStream metadata files

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> Ultimately, appstream-util's output is what matters since we use
> appstream-builder (from appstream-glib) to generate our AppStream
> metadata index. If it doesn't pass that tool, it doesn't show up.
Bit of a tangent, but: is this documented anywhere?
Because if if is, then I can't find it.

Without docs, the whole process is a black box.
I recall that a few years ago an announcement
was made saying that apps need to provide
at least a 64x64 icon to show up in the index;
once again, I can't find any reference to that
apart from the mailing list history. This makes
figuring out why an app doesn't show up
in Gnome Software a frustrating experience.

To be clear, I don't want this to be a "someone
do something" kind of message. I'd be happy
to document this myself! But I have zero
idea what's actually going on.

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