spec file with aarch64 specific Fortran build flags

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Dear all,
in the past weeks the updates of GCC for both Fedora and Debian have introduce few identical Fortran modifications:


As a result my I cannot build the RPM package (nor the Debian package) for my program 'atomes' anymore, because the ARM 64 build failed with the same error related to an OpenMP instruction in a Fortran file.

It was pointed out to me that the build succeed changing the -'O2' option of the Fortran FLAGS by '-O1'.

Following this :


I successfully updated the spec file to take this into account for a local mock build, using:

%ifarch aarch64
%global _pkg_extra_fflags -O1

Then the '-O2' is replaced by a '-O1' option for the ARM build.
At list this works for the mock build on my computer:

mock -r fedora-40-aarch64 /home/leroux/rpmbuild/SRPMS/atomes-1.1.12-2.fc38.src.rpm

However the The Koji build with the same srpm fails:

koji build --scratch rawhide /home/leroux/rpmbuild/SRPMS/atomes-1.1.12-2.fc38.src.rpm

The mock build versions are not the same, so that might be the reason why (4.1 on Koji, vs.  5.1.1 locally).
On Koji the line:

%global _pkg_extra_fflags -O1

Does not seem to have any effect, the '-O2' option remains in the Fortran FLAGS.

I would be more than happy to have your thoughts on the matter to find a way around this issue.



Dr. Sébastien Le Roux
Ingénieur de Recherche CNRS
Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg
Département des Matériaux Organiques
23, rue du Loess
BP 43
F-67034 Strasbourg Cedex 2, France
E-mail: sebastien.leroux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Webpage: https://www.ipcms.fr/sebastien-le-roux/
ATOMES project: https://atomes.ipcms.fr/
RINGS project: http://rings-code.sourceforge.net/
ISAACS project: http://isaacs.sourceforge.io/
Fax:   +33 3 88 10 72 46
Phone: +33 3 88 10 71 58
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