Re: Re: shotcut compilation fails with "error: ‘hasPro’ was not declared in this scope"

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Martin Gansser writes:

I have copied the virtual machine from a Windows computer to my Fedora 38 computer and shotcut can no longer be compiled here, but it can on the Windows computer. Do I have to repair the file system on the Linux computer or do anything else?

You snipped out the relevant details of the filesystem being corrupted due to a likely RAM error.

The bad RAM could be on either machine. If the bad RAM was on your Windows computer, you copied it off unstable hardware, and your entire VM's integrity has been compromised in some unknown way.

You might try making another copy of the VM, and if you don't end up with identical corruption it likely indicates that the bad RAM corrupted the data in transit, and the original VM image is /probably/ ok. However until you isolate and replace the faulty RAM you can't really do anything with some guarantee of stability. Only after identifying and replacing the faulty RAM you can then make another copy of the VM with some level of confidence.
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