Packaging guidelines - validation of AppStream metadata files

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According to our packaging guidelines[1], "you MUST run appstream-util
validate-relax (in %check or %install) and have BuildRequires:
libappstream-glib, to help ensure the validity and safety of the
appdata files you’re installing".

For quite some time now, I've been seeing references to another tool,
appstreamcli (provided by the appstream[2] package), being used
instead of appstream-util. Debian guidelines recommend it[3], it's
documented upstream[4] and apparently there are a few fedora packages
that use it already[5] (google found 10, I know of a couple more). By
the way, if you take a closer look, some of these packages appear to
use the "--nonet" flag from appstream-util instead of "--no-net",
which is used by appstreamcli.

Furthermore, on the web page of AppStream-Glib there's a warning that
it is in heavy maintenance mode and to use appstream instead[6].

By all indications, appstream will replace appstream-glib and in the
case of the corresponding validator utilities, this has already begun.
However, at least on this list, I was unable to find any clue that
this was happening and there are zero mentions of appstreamcli on
docs.fedoraproject org, hence this message. Could someone involved
with AppStream please provide some information? Shouldn't our
documentation be changed to reflect these changes? Does the FPC need
to decide on this?

Best regards,

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