Re: Package fails to build for aarch64, works for x86_64

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On Thu, Sep 21, 2023 at 09:24:26AM -0500, Ron Olson wrote:
> Hey all-
> I was trying to submit the released version of Swift 5.9 to Fedora but I get a build failure only for the aarch64 platform for Rawhide and F39:
> (F39)
> (Rawhide/F40)
> While it compiled for both fine on F38:
> What is the rule/advice around a situation like this insofar as
> should I release it for the current platforms (F38,F37,EPEL9) and
> try to figure out what’s going on with the aarch64 build, or should
> it be an all-or-nothing, release to every platform or none at all?
> I’d personally lean towards trying to provide the new shiny where
> possible, but I can see making a case for holding off due to F39
> coming down the road. Complicating all this is trying to gauge
> interest in there being an aarch64 version of Swift for Fedora.
> Could I, possibly, temporarily drop support for aarch64 in the spec
> file for 5.9 so all versions of x86_64 can get it, and then
> re-enable it for if/when I figure out what’s going on with the
> aarch64 version?
> The funny thing is that Apple has already started providing
> development versions of Swift 5.10 and it does, in fact, build on
> both x86_64 and aarch64.

Are upstream responsive to issues in general, and in particular this
case which is not the current version?  I mean to say, do you think
they'd provide a fix very quickly if you asked them to look at it?

I am doing a build locally myself to see if it is reproducible.


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