Re: F40 Change Proposal: KDE Plasma 6 (System Wide)

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On Wed Sep 13, 2023 at 16:53 +0100, Aoife Moloney wrote:
> This upgrade is also notable that for Fedora Linux (and Fedora Extra
> Packages for Enterprise Linux 10, once that materializes), KDE Plasma
> will '''not''' offer an X11 session. Fedora KDE has been fully Wayland
> by default from login ([[Changes/WaylandByDefaultForSDDM|since Fedora
> Linux 38]]) to desktop ([[Changes/WaylandByDefaultForPlasma|since
> Fedora Linux 34]]), and the SIG is confident in the quality and
> development around the Plasma Wayland experience to stand fully behind
> it.
> == Feedback ==
> ==== Why drop the X11 session? ====
> Three reasons for this removal:
> * [
> The Xorg server is deprecated since RHEL 9.0] and will be dropped in
> "a future major RHEL release".
> * Graphics fallback modes are Wayland-friendly now with
> [[Changes/ReplaceFbdevDrivers|SimpleDRM enabled since Fedora Linux
> 36]].
> * NVIDIA drivers (since v495~v515) support GBM for Wayland instead of
> EGLStreams. Wayland is fully supported on current NVIDIA drivers.
> This will drastically reduce our support burden and give us the
> ability to focus on quality for the KDE Plasma stack and continue our
> feature-forward nature. The Fedora KDE SIG will maintain a single code
> stream for all supported distribution targets (Fedora Linux 40+,
> Fedora Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 10+).
> This also does not mean that X11 applications will not work in Plasma
> 6, as we will still support Xwayland for running X11 applications on
> Plasma Wayland.

My laptop with NVIDIA Optimus graphics cannot connect to an external
monitor unless I log in to the X11 session. This is a known problem [1].
Please don't throw out the baby with the bath water.
Making Wayland the default and even removing X11 from the default
installation is one thing, but entirely removing it does not make sense
to me.
Some people still have niche usecases that do not work with Wayland.
We can iterate on the Wayland session without breaking users.

Also, I do not like that this is tied together to the Plasma 6 change.
Nobody is actually talking about the subject of the change, KDE Plasma
6; most of the conversation is about dropping X11 which was tacked on to
this Change.
It would be better as a separate Change with a separate discussion, IMO.



Maxwell G (@gotmax23)
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