Upcoming bindgen / bindgen-cli update from v0.63 to v0.68

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Hi all,

I've prepared an update for the "bindgen" Rust crate and the
associated CLI interface, bindgen-cli, from version 0.63.0 to the
latest version, 0.68.1. New releases of bindgen releases are, for most
purposes, backwards compatible.

Due to the large number of dependent packages (list included below),
patching all of them across all branches of Fedora and in EPEL 9 is
not feasible, which is why I am going to include a compat package for
the current bindgen version in the update.

Because of how dependency resolution for Rust crates works, no changes
to use the compat package are necessary - i.e. packages currently
depend on something like (bindgen >= 0.63 with bindgen < 0.64), so
they will just pull in the compat package instead of the latest
version transparently.

This way, dependent packages can be upgraded to the latest bindgen
version without needing to patch / port all of them immediately.

However, packages definitely *SHOULD* migrate to the new version
quickly, since mixing and matching different versions can lead to
confusing errors (caused by dlopening libclang.so multiple times), and
should be avoided. I will port Rust SIG packages to the new version
ASAP, and will send PRs for other packages as time permits.



Packages currently depending on bindgen v0.63:

- clamav
- fapolicy-analyzer
- rust-aom-sys
- rust-devicemapper-sys
- rust-drm-fourcc
- rust-input-sys
- rust-libblkid-rs-sys
- rust-libbpf-sys
- rust-libcryptsetup-rs-sys
- rust-libheif-sys
- rust-libspa-sys
- rust-libsqlite3-sys
- rust-loopdev
- rust-nettle-sys
- rust-onig_sys
- rust-openssl-sys
- rust-pipewire-sys
- rust-psa-crypto-sys
- rust-tss-esapi-sys
- rust-userfaultfd-sys
- rust-zstd-sys
- stratisd

There's also still some packages currently depending on bindgen v0.59:

- rust-cryptoki-sys
- rust-drm-sys
- rust-tree-sitter

These should be migrated to a newer version of bindgen ASAP. I'll try
to open PRs for them.
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