LoadOptions handling in rhboot/shim fallback.c

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Vitaly Kuznetsov has offered https://github.com/rhboot/shim/pull/611
to fix the NVRAM entry generated by `add_boot_option(...)` in Shim's

It is quite pervasive in that file to treat the size of the loaded
image arguments as `StrLen(arguments) * 2` (just search for
`StrLen(arguments)`, since `StrLen(arguments) * sizeof (CHAR16)` is
also used) - so the issue identified in the PR affects
`find_boot_option(...)` as well as add_boot_option(...)`.

Additionally, while the PR does not currently address this,
`image->LoadOptionsSize` should include the size of the `CHAR_NULL`
terminator of `image->LoadOptions` (when `arguments` is non-empty), so
I believe the `first_new_option_size` handling in the file needs
updating in a similar manner too.


Mike Beaton
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