Re: The new Change discussion process is painful

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On Thu, Sep 14, 2023 at 10:44:22AM +0200, Vít Ondruch wrote:
> If I was subscribed to some categories without doing anything, e.g. "Package
> Reviews Swaps" (why I cannot copy the string from UI 😠, this is precisely
> the annoyance with web applications), why I have not been subscribed to
> "Change proposals"?

The 'package review swaps' thing was a mistake/hasty setup by mattdm. :)

Basically the category was setup and the thought was "hey, all people in
the packager group would be interested in this, right?" and so everyone
in the packager group (that had logged into discourse) was added to it.

This should have been reverted not long after... 

There's no single group that would make sense to just auto subscribe to
change proposals. Anyone could be interested in it, or not. 


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