Re: The new Change discussion process is painful

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Matthew Miller <mattdm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Everything is a balance.
> Even if you don't want to follow Fedora Discussion in general, to follow
> changes, you can go subscribe to just those by email. 
> 1. Sign in you with your Fedora account
> 2. Complete creating a Discussion account if you haven't already
> 3. Go to
> 4. Remove everything from all of the Categores and Teams & Tags dropdowns
>    that you don't want. (A few things are populated as defaults.)
> 5. Under Categories, add "Change Proposals" to either Watched (which will
>    send a notification for every post) or Watching First Post (which does
>    what it says).
> 6. Go to
> 7. Change "Send me email when I have a notification" to "always", if it
>    isn't already.
> 8. Optional: notification messages will set a List-Id corresponding to the
>    Change Proposals category. You can set up your mail filters to do what
>    you like with those.
> 9. To interact, you can either come to the Discussion web interface, or
>    just reply to the email notifications.

I've been trying this, but Discourse reverted part of my settings without
any warnings after a few months.

I raised the issue here:

I still do not understand what happened 2 days ago.

Tulio Magno
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