Re: The new Change discussion process is painful

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Am 13.09.23 um 12:19 schrieb Sandro:
On 13-09-2023 08:09, Adam Williamson wrote:
 From there, it's up to people where they see and respond to them. If
more people are responding in discourse than on the mailing list, that
would seem to suggest that there*is*  a reason to announce things

I'm quite sure Matthew (mattdm) would disagree with above statement. The idea was/is, iirc, to only announce on both channels, but have the discussion take place on Discourse.

And I could not disagree more with this.

So, making this pick & mix is definitely not the intention and it has already proven futile in a previous mishap.

I think, discourse should be dropped, ASAP. It isn't helpful.

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