Fedora 39 compose report: 20230912.n.0 changes

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OLD: Fedora-39-20230910.n.0
NEW: Fedora-39-20230912.n.0

===== SUMMARY =====
Added images:        3
Dropped images:      1
Added packages:      0
Dropped packages:    1
Upgraded packages:   4
Downgraded packages: 0

Size of added packages:      0 B
Size of dropped packages:    68.10 KiB
Size of upgraded packages:   950.61 MiB
Size of downgraded packages: 0 B

Size change of upgraded packages:   1.40 MiB
Size change of downgraded packages: 0 B

===== ADDED IMAGES =====
Image: Kinoite dvd-ostree ppc64le
Path: Kinoite/ppc64le/iso/Fedora-Kinoite-ostree-ppc64le-39-20230912.n.0.iso
Image: LXQt live aarch64
Path: Spins/aarch64/iso/Fedora-LXQt-Live-aarch64-39-20230912.n.0.iso
Image: Container_Base docker s390x
Path: Container/s390x/images/Fedora-Container-Base-39-20230912.n.0.s390x.tar.xz

===== DROPPED IMAGES =====
Image: KDE live aarch64
Path: Spins/aarch64/iso/Fedora-KDE-Live-aarch64-39-20230910.n.0.iso

===== ADDED PACKAGES =====

Package: python-async-generator-1.10-16.fc38
Summary: Async generators and context managers
RPMs:    python3-async-generator
Size:    68.10 KiB

Package:      budgie-desktop-defaults-0.5.1-1.fc39
Old package:  budgie-desktop-defaults-0.4-2.fc39
Summary:      Budgie Desktop Defaults for Fedora
RPMs:         budgie-desktop-defaults
Size:         14.80 KiB
Size change:  -156 B
  * Wed Sep 06 2023 Joshua Strobl <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 0.5.1-1
  - Update to 0.5.1 for schema rename and background removal

Package:      desktop-backgrounds-39.0.0-3.fc39
Old package:  desktop-backgrounds-39.0.0-1.fc39
Summary:      Desktop backgrounds
RPMs:         desktop-backgrounds-basic desktop-backgrounds-budgie desktop-backgrounds-compat desktop-backgrounds-gnome desktop-backgrounds-waves
Added RPMs:   desktop-backgrounds-budgie
Size:         13.40 MiB
Size change:  10.88 KiB
  * Wed Sep 06 2023 Joshua Strobl <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 39.0.0-2
  - Implement a budgie backgrounds sub-package and start symlinking dark

  * Fri Sep 08 2023 Neal Gompa <ngompa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 39.0.0-3
  - No-change rebuild for merging Bodhi updates for Budgie backgrounds

Package:      fedora-repos-39-0.6
Old package:  fedora-repos-39-0.5
Summary:      Fedora package repositories
RPMs:         fedora-gpg-keys fedora-repos fedora-repos-archive fedora-repos-eln fedora-repos-ostree fedora-repos-rawhide
Size:         172.17 KiB
Size change:  -505 B
  * Wed Sep 06 2023 Tomas Hrcka <thrcka@xxxxxxxxxx> - 39-0.6
  - added Fedora 41 keys
  - enabled updates_testing repository

Package:      kernel-6.5.2-300.fc39
Old package:  kernel-6.5.0-0.rc7.20230821gitf7757129e3de.50.fc39
Summary:      The Linux kernel
RPMs:         kernel kernel-core kernel-debug kernel-debug-core kernel-debug-devel kernel-debug-devel-matched kernel-debug-modules kernel-debug-modules-core kernel-debug-modules-extra kernel-debug-modules-internal kernel-debug-uki-virt kernel-devel kernel-devel-matched kernel-doc kernel-modules kernel-modules-core kernel-modules-extra kernel-modules-internal kernel-uki-virt
Size:         937.03 MiB
Size change:  1.39 MiB
  * Tue Aug 22 2023 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [6.5.0-0.rc7.f7757129e3de.51.eln130]
  - redhat/configs: Enable CONFIG_DEVICE_PRIVATE on aarch64 (David Hildenbrand) [2231407]
  - redhat/configs: disable CONFIG_ROCKCHIP_ERRATUM_3588001 for RHEL (Mark Salter)
  - redhat: shellcheck fixes (Prarit Bhargava)

  * Wed Aug 23 2023 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [6.5.0-0.rc7.89bf6209cad6.52.eln130]
  - redhat/self-test: Remove rpmlint test (Prarit Bhargava)
  - Remove the armv7 config directory from Fedora again (Justin M. Forbes)
  - Enable CONFIG_EXPERT for both RHEL and Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
  - Linux v6.5.0-0.rc7.89bf6209cad6

  * Thu Aug 24 2023 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [6.5.0-0.rc7.93f5de5f648d.53.eln130]
  - Consolidate configs to common for 6.5 (Justin M. Forbes)
  - Remove unused config entry for Fedora (Justin M. Forbes)
  - Linux v6.5.0-0.rc7.93f5de5f648d

  * Fri Aug 25 2023 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [6.5.0-0.rc7.4f9e7fabf864.54.eln130]
  - Linux v6.5.0-0.rc7.4f9e7fabf864

  * Sat Aug 26 2023 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [6.5.0-0.rc7.7d2f353b2682.55.eln130]
  - redhat/kernel.spec.template: update compression variables to support zstd (Brian Masney)
  - Linux v6.5.0-0.rc7.7d2f353b2682

  * Sun Aug 27 2023 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [6.5.0-0.rc7.28f20a19294d.56.eln130]
  - Linux v6.5.0-0.rc7.28f20a19294d

  * Mon Aug 28 2023 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [6.5.0-57.eln130]
  - Linux v6.5.0

  * Mon Aug 28 2023 Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [6.5.0-58.eln130]
  - redhat: Fix UKI install with systemd >= 254 (Vitaly Kuznetsov)
  - redhat: Use named parameters for kernel_variant_posttrans()/kernel_variant_preun() (Vitaly Kuznetsov)

  * Sat Sep 02 2023 Justin M. Forbes <jforbes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [6.5.1-0]
  - erofs: ensure that the post-EOF tails are all zeroed (Gao Xiang)
  - Add bug to BugsFixed (Justin M. Forbes)
  - Turn off CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUG_DEFAULT_ONLINE for Fedora s390x (Justin M. Forbes)
  - drm/msm/a690: Switch to a660_gmu.bin (Rob Clark)
  - drivers/firmware: skip simpledrm if nvidia-drm.modeset=1 is set (Javier Martinez Canillas)
  - Turn E1000 back on (Justin M. Forbes)
  - Set up variables and scripts for Fedora stable (Justin M. Forbes)
  - Update self-test data (Justin M. Forbes)
  - all: x86: move wayward x86 specific config home (Peter Robinson)
  - all: de-dupe non standard config options (Peter Robinson)
  - all: x86: clean up microcode loading options (Peter Robinson)
  - common: remove unnessary CONFIG_SND_MESON_AXG* (Peter Robinson)
  - Linux v6.5.1

  * Wed Sep 06 2023 Justin M. Forbes <jforbes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [6.5.2-0]
  - Move squashfs to kernel-modules-core (Justin M. Forbes)
  - Add TPM bug to BugsFixed (Justin M. Forbes)
  - tpm: Enable hwrng only for Pluton on AMD CPUs (Jarkko Sakkinen)
  - Linux v6.5.2

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