Re: libtommath minor soname bump

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František Šumšal wrote:
> I plan to bump libtommath to 1.2.1 in Rawhide, which bumps the respective
> shared library to According to repoquery all
> dependencies depend only on libtommath.1, so no rebuild should be
> necessary:

That is not an soname bump then. :-)

The soname is just what is written in the DT_SONAME field, which is what the 
applications end up depending on, and is in this case "". It 
typically only includes the major soversion (e.g., 1), not the full version 
(e.g., 1.2.1). "" is the fully versioned name, but a bump 
of that name should have no effect on applications (unless upstream either 
does not understand soversioning or made an inadvertent mistake).

If you find something in such a minor version bump that (unexpectedly) 
requires applications to be rebuilt, then you should urge upstream to bump 
the major soversion and hence the soname (so that they would ship, e.g.,→ instead of→, but this does not seem to be the case 
here. Hence, no bump of the major soversion is needed, and hence, no 
announcement is needed either.

        Kevin Kofler
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