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Hi all,

I've joined virtually the Opportunity Open Source conference at IIT Mandi, India, where we as OpenPrinting held track about the recent events in our group.

Brief summary:

- current CUPS 2.4.x works with classic drivers and printer applications, as whole 2.x series will

- Till works on finishing common-print-dialog-backends into Ubuntu, so GTK4 applications can use unified print dialog with the latest features

- CUPS 2.5 is held until we have OAuth support (aimed at the end of this year)

- I will be releasing 2.4.x until CUPS 2.5 gold release - soon there will be 2.4.7 with several bug fixes.

- looking for help with desktop integration and feature implementation

Complete notes are attached.


Zdenek Dohnal
Senior Software Engineer
Opportunity open source

- now we work with printer apps and classic drivers - classic drivers will be removed in CUPS 3
- 2.4 Zdenek Dohnal released manager, 2.5 Till Kamppeter - delayed for OAuth
- 2.5:
  - getting rid of some deprecated functions (windows sspi tls implementation switched for LibreSSL)
  - new requirements - C99 standrad, DNS-SD (Avahi/mDNSResponder), TLS (Gnutls, LibreSSL), ZLIB, POSIX/Win threading
  - for discovery:
    - wide-area DNS-SD for Avahi needs to implemented
    - config profiles needs to be implemented
  - localization improvements
  - OAuth/OpenID - lot of desktop work - API, UI
  - job-sheets-col - (I want to print certain banner onto specific media - classified banner on blue paper)
  - backporting CUPS 3 things:
    - better media-col suppport - cups_media_t
    - HTML/Rest/JSON/JWT apis
    - IPP file API (file of IPP attributes which you can use for printer configuration)
  - profiles - directory with file with plain text files of printers which want to see (~/.cups, ~/.config, /etc/cups/profiles)
    - directives - Server/ServerName/Printer, filtering options (by location name, geo location, type)
  - OAuth/OpenID - replacement for kerberos, because it does not uphold security standards and win moves away from it
    - OAuth does not need root to access the ticket or user changing
    - 2.5 with OAuth and Kerberos, CUPS 3.0 removes Kerberos
    - OpenID needed JSON and JWT
    - basically adding support for RFC 8414/OpenID
    - we need to cache bearer and refresh tokens per user/auth-server in cupsd once this is implemented
    - once we have this we need Authorization UI and CLI tool for authentication
- CUPS 3.0
  - Mike Sweet release manager
  - libcups is now in the first beta, cups-sharing, cups-local in next year
  - cups-commands will be split into cups-local and cups-sharing
  - modular CUPS - library and two type of daemons - sharing, local
  - modules:
    - libcups:
      - ippeverinter, ippevepcl, ippeveps, ippfind, ipptool, ipptransform (for transformations, use in ippeveprinter), libcups (see changes in MIGRATING.md)
      - removed deprecated APIs - bumped SONAME
    - local:
      - cancel, lp, lpq, lpr, lpstat, cups-locald
      - temporary queues+profiles
      - runs as user
      - CUPS 2.x UNIX domain socket, DBUS API, XPC API
      - barely started
      - handling auth and notif UI
      - no web interface
      - job history for current login
      - convertion to/grom PDF/raster as printer wants
    - sharing:
      - cupsaccept, cupsdisable, cupsenable, cupsreject, lpadmin, cups-sharingd
      - for SecurePrint, load balancing, OAuth, ACLs, print accounting
      - config similar to current cupsd
      - only network sockets
      - web interface, printers, jobs
- challenges - broader scope - lot of work on UI - uplifting GNOME/KDE/XFCE for new D-BUS API for printing auth, consent UI - common-print-dialog-backends
  - hopefully we can reuse some of PAPPL, reuse of authorization/notification UI from somewhere
  - bad Ghostscript license complicates PDF conversions with using its API (so we still need call it as binary) - maybe PDFium from Chrome can fix this

Desktop integration of the new architecture

- common print dialog backends now have support in GTK4, working on QT, Firefox
- for non-gnome desktop - update system-config-printer or get printer module from gnome-control-center and make it generic for all desktops (from current Gnome Control Center, GNOME is going to move to a new
  library which is not compatible with non-Gnome desktops)
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