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It looks like the Electrum build is currently blocked not by protobuf, but by the failure of python-qdarkstyle to rebuild for Python 3.12[1][2]. That dependency is also currently orphaned.

Grepping through the Electrum source, I see:



    175:protobuf==3.20.3 \

    31:protobuf==3.20.3 \

Based on that, it looks like the minimum protobuf version should actually be 3.12 (we have 3.19), not 3.20; the latter should only be the preferred version for deterministic builds. So I suspect everything will be fine if you can get python-qdarkstyle fixed.



On 9/7/23 05:52, Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
Unfortunately, it is worse than this: Electrum FTI in F39. A newer Electrum version would fix that, but F39 still has no new enough protobuf.

Is there any other solution here than saying packaging Electrum for Fedora 39 is just not possible and remove the package in F39, then reintroduce it in F40 (that is, if F40 finally gets a newer protobuf)?

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