SPDX Statistics - Passenger pigeon edition

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Two weeks ago we had:

* 23030 spec files in Fedora

* 29469 license tags in all spec files

* 16716 tags have not been converted to SPDX yet

* 6149 tags can be trivially converted using `license-fedora2spdx`

* Progress: 43.28% ░░░░██████ 100%

ELN subset:

895 out of 2492 packages are not converted yet

Today we have:

* 23128 spec files in Fedora

* 29572 license tags in all spec files

* 16519 tags have not been converted to SPDX yet

* 6059 tags can be trivially converted using `license-fedora2spdx`

* Progress: 44.14% ░░░░██████ 100%

ELN subset:

825 out of 2479 packages are not converted yet

Graph with the burndown chart:


The list of packages needed to be converted is here:


List by package maintainers is here


List of packages from ELN subset that needs to be converted:


New version of fedora-license-data has been released. With 9 new licenses. 33 licenses have been submitted to SPDX.org and are waiting to be review (and then added to fedora-license-data).

Legal docs and especially


was updated too.

New projection when we will be finished is 2025-01-22 (we are slowing down. Again. :( ). Pure linear approximation.

If your package does not have neither git-log entry nor spec-changelog entry mentioning SPDX and you know your license tag matches SPDX formula, you can put your package on ignore list


Either pull-request or direct email to me is fine.

Tip of the day:

    You can use Chrome or Firefox plugin to find what is the license and how much it differ from nearest SPDX match.

Why Passenger pigeon edition? Passenger pigeon is extinct species. On today's date at 1914, last known one died at Cincinnati Zoo.


Do you hesitate how to proceed with the migration? Please follow



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