Re: Why does mingw-filesystem depend on mingw-binutils-generic?

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I'd say, as least as it stands now, this is because the dependency generators require mingw-objdump, see mingw.req [1].



On 30.08.23 10:30, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

mingw-binutils-generic contains a random selection of binaries:

$ rpm -ql mingw-binutils-generic

For unclear reasons, mingw32-filesystem depends on
mingw-binutils-generic since this commit:

but it's not explained why.  It seems off that the base "-filesystem"
package should need these binaries (why these are not others?  why at

It seems like mingw-binutils-generic was added back in 2012 when we
added 64 bit support, and contains "Utilities which are needed for
both the Win32 and Win64 toolchains".  Which is fair enough but it's
unclear why they need to be in the filesystem dependencies.


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