Can we squeeze coreutils-9.4 into Fedora 39?

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coreutils-9.3 brought changes to the behavior of the -v option which
broke some of my automation scripts.

Because of this I have been blocking updates to coreutils in Rawhide and
Fedora 39. and I'm running coreutils-9.2-4.fc39.x86_64.

This change in the -v option has been reverted in 9.4 (released
2023-08-29).  From [1]:

** Changes in behavior

  'cp -v' and 'mv -v' will no longer output a message for each file skipped
  due to -i, or -u.  Instead they only output this information with
  I.e., 'cp -u -v' etc. will have the same verbosity as before

If it's too late to get 9.4 into 39, is it possible to locally include
this specific reverting patch?


Ian Laurie
FAS: nixuser | IRC: nixuser
TZ: Australia/Sydney
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