Heads-up: updating usd (OpenUSD) from 23.05 to 23.08 in Rawhide and F39

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In one week, 2023-09-01, I plan to update the usd package (OpenUSD) from 23.05 to 23.08 [1][2] in Rawhide/F40 and in F39. There are only very minor API changes, but the ABI is incompatible and the SONAME version is bumped.

I will rebuild the sole dependent package, blender, in a side tag for each release. Anyone further updating Blender in F39 during the Beta Freeze should re-use the same side tag, or at least tag in the USD 23.08 build to a new side tag. Let me know if you are planning such an update, and I’ll be happy to answer questions or take care of the builds myself.

[1] https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/usd/pull-request/12

[2] https://github.com/PixarAnimationStudios/OpenUSD/blob/v23.08/CHANGELOG.md#2308---2023-07-21
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