Re: Heads up: merging SPDX related PRs

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On 23-08-2023 14:55, Miroslav Suchý wrote:
Dne 23. 08. 23 v 12:44 Sandro napsal(a):
On 20-08-2023 12:19, Miroslav Suchý wrote:
If you are workshop participant and have PR opened for longer than 14 days then let me know and I will merge it.

Here's the one I made during Flock workshop:

Well, hours after I wrote above, the PR evolved into something broader. For folks interested, see the thread on the legal list [1].

Maybe it's a good idea to somehow tag these, so you get to see submitted SPDX related PRs instead of us having to report these manually?

Interresting idea... but no. As reporter you can only tag the PR with tag that already exist in the project. And only owner of the project can create the tag.

I see. Could some sysadmin with supercow powers insert a tag globally? Or would that be treading on a great many toes?


-- Sandro
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