Re: Fedora CoreOS Meeting Minutes 2023-08-23

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On Wednesday, August 23, 2023 2:27:40 PM EDT Steven Presti wrote:
> * New Package Request: audit  (spresti, 17:04:16)
>   * LINK:
>     (spresti, 17:04:29)
>   * LINK:
>     (travier, 17:10:28)
>   * LINK:
> (dustymabe, 17:12:01)
>   * LINK:
> 690335372 (travier, 17:13:10)
>   * AGREED: We'll fix the remaining issues in the audit package and
>     we'll include it in Fedora CoreOS once ready  (spresti, 17:17:40)

Out of curiosity, is this being done in the context of F39 or F40? The reason 
I ask is that a big change is in the works for the audit system for F40. I 
was waiting for the F40 Change Proposal cycle to be open before saying 

Basically it amounts to separating augenrules/auditctl into it's own service 
to load audit rules which the auditd service will depend on. This way people 
happy using journald for audit logs can avoid installing the audit package. 
This will need extra eyes - hence it will go through the Change Proposal 
process to ensure it works well.

So, if this is in the context of F40, it may warrant another look at the 


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