Warning: DNF is unprotected

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Just a heads-up: for the upgrade to DNF5 in F39, we unprotected the DNF package, which leaves all of our users vulnerable to a removal of DNF.

And since the delaying of DNF5, we haven't re-protected it.


On a F38 system:
$ cat /etc/dnf/protected.d/dnf.conf
# DNF is obsoleted in Fedora 39 by DNF 5 and should no longer be marked as protected.

# dnf

We have one affected user here: https://bsd.network/@claudiom/110944941506724767

I've filed:


If anyone can fix this quickly, that would be neat. I'm not sure if the config(noreplace) should be brought back in the SPEC so I leave this to the specialists.


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