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As previously announced, fedoraproject is moving many of it's servers
from one datacenter (phx2 near phoenix, arizona, usa) to another (iad2:
near arlington, virginia, usa).

As we move from the old datacenter to the new, we will have a temporary
reduction in capacity. The new datacenter has a smaller, less-redundant,
lower-capacity version of our infrastructure. Over the next two weeks,
we will migrate services to it so that we can finish moving out of the
old datacenter.

After everything is moved from the old datacenter, many of the servers
there will be shipped to the new datacenter and then re-added to bring
us back to full redundency and capacity. 

Out detailed checklist for these migrations is available at

To summarize what we are moving when: 

2020-06-03 wed: The fedoraproject master mirrors will move to IAD2. A
very small outage may be noticed as dns changes. There may be some
mirroring slowdowns as we work out bugs.

2020-06-04 thu: Our internal ansible control host and the fedoraproject
wiki will move. The wiki will be down for a few hours.

2020-06-05 fri: Our meeting minutes archive
(https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org) and our freenode irc bot (zodbot).
These two services will see a hour outage or less.

2020-06-07 sun: We will pause for the next week adding new packages and
unretiring packages to avoid problems. 

2020-06-08 mon: Our fedora-messaging bus and gateways to it
(github2fedmsg, bugzilla2fedmsg), mirrormanager, product definition
center (pdc), and our identity and authentication systems. Messages over our
message bus may be slow or missing and users may be unable to login at
various times as we migrate services over. 

Additionally, we will be stopping services that will not be back until
later in the month. 
These include: 
 * Fedocal
 * Badges
 * Nuancier
 * koschei
 * simple-koji-ci
 * All staging services (*.stg.fedoraproject.org)

2020-06-09 tue: The build and packaging ecosystem. This includes koji,
src.fedoraproject.org, osbs, odcs, container registries, bodhi (updates
system). During this day maintainers should avoid builds/updates if at
all possible as they may or may not work at various times. 

2020-06-10 wed: Various small apps (mdapi, anitya, waiverdb, greenwave,
etc), mailman/lists.fedoraproject.org, and our datagrepper/datanommer
services. Mailing lists will be down for several hours as data is
migrated. Datagrepper will be down for most of the day as it's database
is moved. Other services will be down for short amounts of time while
they are moved.

2020-06-11 thu: Various small site building apps (docs building, fedora
websites building, reviewstats, blockerbugs) and elections will be
moved. elections will be up until the currently running elections
complete. (GO VOTE! https://elections.fedoraproject.org)

2020-06-12 fri: Catch up and fix issues day, along with re-enabling
package unretirements/new packages, and other 'paused' items.

The week after this servers will be shipped and the week after that we
expect to start setting them up and getting them re-added. During this
time, we may have to make further changes to what services are available
in order to deal with load changes. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please file an infrastructure
ticket ( https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure) or come talk to us in
#fedora-admin on irc.freenode.net. 

Finally, I'd like to ask everyone to be patient as we do this move. I
know that it's painful when you are unable to contibute something when
you have time to do so, but rest assured that we are trying to migrate
things as quickly and smoothly as we can.



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