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As part of Fedora’s commitment to addressing the EU General Data
Privacy Regulation (GDPR), among other reasons, the Fedora privacy
statement has been revised. The new statement has been reviewed with
Fedora Legal and approved by the Fedora Council.

You should read the statement fully, but the key updates include:

* Clearer descriptions of how Fedora uses your personal data to
  provide services;
* Information about the GDPR;
* Additional detail on how your personal data may be shared to serve
  the public interest and that of the open source community; and
* More focus on how you can review, modify, and update your personal

You can find the new statement at the standard wiki location:

Many of Fedora’s applications have been updated to include links to
the privacy policy or other information that helps you understand the
terms of use for these systems. If you see a system where this is not
clear, please let us know by filing a new issue in the Fedora
infrastructure ticket queue: <>

The new privacy statement takes effect on Friday, May 25, 2018. By
using Fedora services on or after that date, you are agreeing to these

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