Readying the Fedora Join channels to receive newcomers

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Hello everyone,

Like any FOSS community project, Fedora relies heavily on volunteers.
It is, therefore, no surprise that we're always looking to increase our
contributor base. There is always so much to be done. Of course, many
teams work in harmony to keep Fedora ticking. Each team tends to have
its own "on-boarding process" for newcomers, which if you've been
around recently, you'll have noticed CommOps[0] has been working on
improving one by one.

Where do we point newcomers now?

We already have some tools that help people find the right team and
task to get started with.[1], for example, does
an excellent job of matching people to the right team based on
their skills and interests. Another great place to quickly find
something easy to work on is our easy fix ticket list[2]. Last, but not
least, the new Fedora Hubs project[3], which is still a work in
progress, is going to make it even easier to see what's going on in the
community and where one can pitch in.

Talking to a human

In spite of all the tooling, newcomers seem to respond better to human
interaction. Integration is much easier when you have people to speak
to or query. Even while they're still picking up on the tools and
processes of various teams, they already feel part of the community. It
gives them that bit of confidence needed to actively take part in
discussions or volunteer to take up tasks.

With this in mind, some of us came together to set up the Fedora Join
SIG[4]. Our goal? Simply to set up certain channels where newcomers and
contributors can mix. We've started small with the usual IRC and
mailing list. 

- #fedora-join on Freenode[5]
- fedora-join AT[6]

We need your help too!

Before we begin tweaking our public-facing resources to funnel
newcomers into these channels, we want to make sure that we have enough
contributors available here to receive queries. The purpose of this e-
mail is to ask you to please add these channels to the list that you
already monitor. The more contributors from different parts of the
project we have in the channel, the higher the chances are of newcomers
finding interesting people to work with, interesting things to work on,
all while making friends who mostly outlast the Fedora release.

So, please do hang out in our IRC channel and mailing list to help
newcomers when you can.

Tip: Most IRC clients let you monitor a channel for keywords. For
example, in irssi[7], the following command would monitor the channel
for the word "design":

/hilight -channels #fedora-join design


Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"

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