Fedora community SIP and WebRTC trial at FedRTC.org

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We've been trialling a SIP and WebRTC service at https://FedRTC.org for about a year now.

Anybody with a Fedora OpenID can request a matching SIP address in the service.  For example:

Fedora user ID: pocock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
FedRTC SIP address: pocock@xxxxxxxxxx

The service is completely built using RHEL7/CentOS7/EPEL7 packages.

Users have been able to successfully connect to the service using:
 - WebRTC from Firefox and Chrome on just about any OS, including mobile
 - softphones packaged in Fedora (GNOME Empathy, Ekiga and many others)
 - mobile SIP apps such as Lumicall[1]

A key benefit of the service is that it federates with other communities such as the Debian SIP service[2].  People without a Fedora user ID can make calls to your SIP address using https://FreePhoneBox.net

I would encourage anybody who hasn't tried the service already to do so.  Please give feedback through the mailing lists for any specific softphone you try or the Free-RTC mailing list:

1. http://danielpocock.com/lumicall-rapid-provisioning-opus-and-other-enhancements
2. https://rtc.debian.org
announce mailing list

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