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We are extending the dates of call for papers of FUDCon Managua 2014. After de first call, we end up with few people all of them ambassadors that happen to be in another team like packagers or infra. We count in the long lasting interest of Jared Smith on LATAM, as participate from Documentation team. The local team organizing the event feels that this is not representative of Fedora Project. There is an absence of teams like design, translation and QA, among others missing teams. Also there is a lack of topics like Fedora.Next and Cockpit that are relevant at this time.

The official dates are October, 23rd to 25th. Be aware that we have a short budget and traveling to Latin America is expensive, so we will have to select people. Don't be surprise if we have to pick only one people from those offering similar topics.

So, it will be a requisite to have at least one talk, but we expect more from each person. Beyond talks we have a computer lab for workshop. We want hand on workshops focus on transferring skills to collaborate to Fedora Project. We also will provide space for hacking. We will like to have a productive event, so we will favor people that propose activities that will produce new collaborators, or get things done. So please provide a small description of the talks, workshops, hacking that you propose and include your expected outcome.

Request will be handled on Fudcon Planning trac

You can submit your request starting today until August 31st . If you already submitted a request feel free to update your ticket before the dead line with the information requested. Double room will cost USD 52.65 (all taxes included), this rate includes full breakfast. We hope that we can sponsor lodging for all people attending, as travel will be more expensive part of the budget.

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