Public IRC Board Meeting this Monday (June 9th), and every two weeks

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The Fedora Project Board would like to get back in a cadence of regular,
public meetings. These will be held every other Monday in #fedora-meeting on
Freenode IRC, at 17:00 UTC.

Normally, an agenda will be posted in advance, and we'll try to stick to
that agenda in a focused, productive way (with longer discussion moved to
the public mailing lists and brought back when it's at an actionable point).

If an agenda _isn't_ posted, the meeting will still be held as an open-floor
discussion of current high-level issues in Fedora. In these cases, we'll
follow the same basic rule and limit time on any given topic so we don't get
stuck on one area. (That doesn't mean topics which need a lot of discussion
will be shut out; we just ask that those move to the lists so everything
gets a chance.)

I know there are a lot of specific things that need action and attention,
and we'll definitely get the gears turning on those (I promise!), and,
particularly, we don't need to have a meeting on them to make progress. So,
I want this first meeting to be more of the open discussion type, as a sort
of "ask me anything" (or "tell me anything") for me as the new FPL and for
the Board at large.

See you all there!

PS: run date -d '2014-06-09 17:00 UTC' to convert to your local timezone

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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