Announcing the release of Fedora 19 for ARM!

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The Fedora ARM Project is delighted to announce the release of Fedora 19
("Schrödinger's Cat"). Open the box and take a look for yourself!

Fedora is a leading-edge, free and open source operating system that
continues to deliver innovative features to many users, with a new
release about every six months.

Download it now:

Detailed information about this release can be seen in the release

** What's New in Fedora 19 for ARM? **

The Fedora ARM Project takes great pride in being able to show off
features for all types of use cases, including traditional desktop
users, systems administration, development, and many more. But a few new
features are guaranteed to be seen by nearly anyone installing Fedora
and are improvements that deserve to be called out on their own. Fedora
ARM has all the features of the primary architectures along with a few
of our own.

A complete list with details of each new feature is available here:

== Unified Kernel ==

The Fedora 19 kernel is now unified. This greatly reduces the number of
kernels we need to build, since they are no longer board dependent. to
enable this the kernel has adopted Device Tree to define the platform.
As a result of this work supporting new devices is much simpler and may
already work on boards we do not have direct access to.  If you get
Fedora 19 for ARM running on a new system we would love to hear about

== X and graphical desktop support ==

We have added support for running X on the Trimslice in addition to
OMAP and Versatile Express based devices. Fedora 19 for ARM, comes with
images for Xfce, LXDE, Sugar on a Stick, KDE and Mate. Thanks to
initial-setup you create your user or set the root password on first

== Improved release process ==

Due to infrastructure changes we have been able to keep closer parity
with keeping the builds in parity with those on the primary arches,
resulting in us following the milestone processes and release Fedora 19
for ARM on the same day as the Primary architecture release. This is a
First for us.

== Software floating point removal ==

As of Fedora 19 we no longer build armv5tel rpms. this means that
support for guruplugs and sheevaplugs stops with Fedora 18. Raspberry
Pi is being supported by an optimised build called pidora. 

*** Downloads, upgrades, documentation, and common bugs ***

Start by downloading Fedora 19 for ARM:

If you are upgrading from a previous release of Fedora, refer to:

*** Documentation ***
Read the full release notes for Fedora 19, guides for several languages, and learn about known bugs and how to report new ones:

Because of the number of changes to the installer, we particularly suggest taking a peek at the Installation Guide:

Fedora 19 common bugs are documented at:

This page includes information on several known bugs in the installer,
so we recommend reading it before installing Fedora 19.

*** Contributing ***

We can't build Fedora inside a box. We need your help! Bug reports are
especially helpful--if you encounter any issues, please report them!

Fedora is a fantastic, friendly community, and we have many ways in
which you can contribute, including documentation, marketing, design, 
QA, and development. 

To learn how to help us, visit:

*** Fedora 20 ***

Fedora 20 has been in active development for several months already. We plan to release it in November 2013, though the final schedule is part of the planning process and subject to change:

*** Contact information ***

If you are a journalist or reporter, you can find additional information here:

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