FUDCon Lawrence is coming! A few reminders

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Hello, FUDCon Lawrence attendees:

The conference is just around the corner and it's kind of freaking me
out a little bit. Here are some things you should definitely know:

== Pre-registration ==
- If you are not yet pre-registered [1], you should do so ASAP. This
  better helps us for who to expect to come.
- If you are having trouble pre-registering (because you don't have an
  OpenID or because OpenID is weird), email me and I will add a
  registration for you.
- If you are pre-registered but are no longer coming, and don't want to
  log into the site to remove your registration, send me an email at
  ianweller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and I will remove you. (It is preferable
  if you use an email I can identify to be yours.)

[1]: http://fudconlawrence-ianweller.rhcloud.com/

Pre-registration gives you the following benefits:
- Your badge and witty comment are pre-printed at the conference so
  people can actually read who you are
- We make sure to have food for you for Friday lunch and during FUDPub
  (this is especially important if you are vegetarian or vegan)

== Hotel ==
- You should have your reservation for the hotel secured by this point.
  If you do not have a reservation and are seeking a roommate, or have a
  reservation and would like to share your room and do not yet have a
  roommate, please contact Robyn Bergeron <rbergero@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
  She cannot make guarantees at this point but will do her best to help
  you out.

== Transportation to and from FUDCon ==
- We are in the process of finalizing group transportation to and from
  KCI, as well as onsite at FUDCon.  Please keep your eyes out for
  details, so you can haz ride from airport.
- If you are still planning on renting a car, it will help us out
  greatly to know if you're able to transport people, particularly upon
  departure. Let us know here:

== Barcamp, Hackfests, and Lightning Talks, oh my ==
Get the most out of your FUDCon experience by participating in any of
these events.

If you don't know what these are, check out these pages:

=== Pre-pitch your barcamp session ===
While we will still be doing traditional pitches for barcamp sessions on
Friday, it's useful to list your proposed session. Doing so allows us to
print off a sheet with your session name on it in advance and helps us
ensure we don't overlook your pitch. Pitch your session here: 

=== Hackfest Planning ===
A significant amount of time is set aside for hackfests at FUDCon.
Pre-listing your hackfest helps us to arrange timing, and helps you to
get more people in your session to Get Things Done. List your hackfest

=== Pre-registration for some hackfest events ===
If you are planning to participate in any of these things on Saturday,
please sign up in advance:
- GPG keysigning event:
- CAcert assurance event:

=== Lightning Talks ===
Lightning talks are a great place to talk about something when you're
thinking you don't have a full hour of content, or if you want to even
talk about something that isn't necessarily related to Fedora, but is
totally awesome. Lightning talks are great for quick application demos,
telling stories about how you got others involved in Fedora, showing off
hacked devices (Summer of Fun Hardware, anyone?), or anything else you
can dream up.

The format isn't as strict as some other lightning talk-like things you
may have attended (Ignite, etc.) -- we don't even require you have
slides. As long as you don't talk for more than 5 minutes and have
something neat to talk about, we're glad to have you.

So far not a lot of people have signed up for a lightning talk! This is

If you're interested in giving a talk for about 5 minutes instead of 50,
put the title of your talk here:
Then send your slides (if you are planning to use any) to me at

We're doing lightning talks after lunch on Friday. The order will be set
that morning.

== What next from here? ==
In about a week, I'll be sending around a PDF that you can print off and
stick in your travel bag with important information you might need
before you get to Lawrence, such as transport from KCI airport and a
number you can call or text if something goes wrong. Look out for it!

Other than that, get ready for FUDCon!

Ian Weller <ian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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