Cooperative Bug Isolation for Fedora 17

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The Cooperative Bug Isolation Project (CBI) is now available for Fedora
17.  We currently offer instrumented versions of Evolution, The GIMP,
GNOME Panel, Gnumeric, Liferea, Nautilus, Pidgin, and Rhythmbox.
Download at <>.  Or just
download and install
to automatically configure your system to use the CBI repository.

It's that easy!  Tell your friends!  Tell your neighbors!  The more of
you there are, the more bugs we can find.

We still offer CBI packages for earlier releases as well, going all the
way back to Fedora 1.  When and if you decide to upgrade to Fedora 17,
we'll be ready for you.  Until then, your participation remains valuable
even on older distributions.

-- Dr. Ben, the CBI guy
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