The Future of release names

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At the last Board Meeting, the Board looked at the poll results asking
whether people felt like continuing to name releases.  The results seemed
to show that many people do like having a name associated with Fedora
releases.  However, the discussion before and after has shown there is
a desire to improve upon the current method of selecting the names.

The Board decided that it would be worthwhile to come up with a new
procedure for selecting the name for the Fedora 19 release and beyond to
attempt to solve some of the issues that have been brought up.  The Board
is looking for volunteers who would like to do two things:

(1) Answer the following questions:

* What benefits does the Project get from the current release naming
* What changes do people want to see in a revised process?

(2) Come up with at least one proposal and analyze it according to the
    answers to the previous questions.

If anyone is interested in coming to a weekly meeting to work on this,
please feel free to contact me.  If anyone would like to champion this,
please contact me ASAP so I know whether there is someone else who's going
to champion this or if I need to lead the effort.

I've put up a wiki page that tries to summarize the answers to the first two
questions that I've seen circulated on the advisory-board mailing list and a
link to the only proposal I currently know of (mizmo's proposal to use
a single theme for all of the new Fedora releases).


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