New FAmSCo election guidelines

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Hi there,

after months of - sometimes controversial - discussion I am am happy to
announce the new FAmSCo election guidelines [1]. For those of you, who
did not follow the discussion, here is a brief summary of the three most
important changes:

More continuity
Instead of electing all seats once a year, we follow the example of the
Fedora Board and FESCo and elect half of the committee every 6 months or
with every release of Fedora.  FAmSCo will not change over sudden and
new members can easily catch up with their new duties by learning from

Easier filling of vacant seats
Every committee is in danger of members becoming inactive.  This can
happen to all of us for various reasons such as our dayjobs or personal
problems.  Under the old guidelines [2], we had to wait until only 3
members left - even with 2 left the committee is hardly operational -
and then call a supplementary election - which never happened even
though we had only 4 active members.  Now we are filling vacant seat
when necessary, either with runner-up candidates from the previous
elections or by appointing new members.

Wider electorate
The ambassadors represent the whole Fedora Project, this is why now not
only ambassadors are eligible to vote for FAmSCo, but everybody who has
signed the Contributors License Agreement and is member of (at least)
one other group in the Fedora Account System (FAS) is allowed to vote.
This will not only strengthen FAmSCo's position but also help candidates
who are active in other groups of the Fedora project.

Last but not least the guidelines have been massively cleaned up.

We think that the new guidelines are a big improvement and want them to
come into effect as soon as possible.  Therefor we will have a special
election for Fedora 18 (the next regular elections were scheduled for
F19).  All 7 seats in FAmSCo are open for election.  In order to make
the transition to the new alternating terms, the top 4 vote-getters will
serve 2 Fedora releases, the bottom 3 will have to run for re-election
after one release.

More about the upcoming ambassadors elections to come later this week as
part of the general Fedora 18 elections announcement.  Please help us
getting a better, stronger and more active FAmSCo by casting your votes.

If you have feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  We are
looking for your input on the Fedora ambassadors mailing list.

Kind regards,


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